This is the best site and book so far:

This is my first post on here and I thought I would share this with you.

I have been 'coping' with depression and anxiety ever since I lost both my parents in 1991 within 4 months of each other. Well that was the start of it, the trying to hold it together while my mum was ill, then my dad dying so soon after it. Anyway I had my first 'real' panic attack just before my mum died and can remember it like it was yesterday....every terrifying second of it. Ended up in A&E cos I thought I was dying and was given diazepam and sent on my merry way..then various different antidepressants since then. Upshot is I have been plodding along on Citalopram 60mg for about 10 years, then suddenly they had to be reduced to 40mg a couple of months ago due the heart problems it causes at 60mg. Along with my Crohns disease medication (steroids) underactive thyroid (levothyroxine 50mg) I have no idea what has caused this recent anxious racing intrusive thought crisis. I am off the steroids now, buy am considering stopping the levothryoxine as I think I am being overmedicated with them. I am tapering off the Citalopram over the course of this week and starting on Sertraline as they have been approved by a Psych my GP contacted. This has been a really difficult couple of weeks, feeling strange. depersonalisation, racing thoughts etc....

I have found this site which I found very useful and I also downloaded the book on to my Kindle and use it as a kind of bible just now, it helps get some things into perspective. I am sure many of you lovely people suffering the same as me will appreciate it:

much love and hope xxxx



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  • thank you will have a look at this site

  • It really is a great site hun, i read it over and over does help xx

  • have ordered the book x

  • Hello, thanks for the link to the site! I'm going to have a look too! Sounds like you've really been through it :( hope you find readin the blogs on here as useful as I have! I never knew so many people suffered from anxiety until I came on here! X

  • Hiya Scooby, it really does help to know others are in the same boat as yourself eh? I do feel as if Im the only person feeling like this at times, and it must be me going mad! But we just need to know we're not sometimes and that everything is going to be ok....I was a bit sceptical about these kinds of forums cos I think sometimes they can make you worse, ie taking on other peoples anxieties etc as I am want to do, but ulitmatetly if we can share and be positive I think it will help.


  • Yeah I've never been on anything like this before, Think its important to be able to speak about what you're going through and symptoms you're experiencing just because nice to know not the only one and like you say not going mad! But yes would like to try nd be positive for everyone! It can only be good thing! Nicki x

  • Hi I think this is one of the more positive sites,.I joined a site called daily strength (american site) as I couldnt find a UK one and oh my god it made me 20 times worse all it was was doom and gloom,no positives at all no advice for anyone just stories of people who have suffered 20 years and where no further forward.I know people have suffered for years but you do need to hear some positves x

  • Hiya Sharonlou

    I know I signed up to that one too and OMG!!! :O After reading a few posts I got so freaked out I have never been back on. You're right about all negatives and doom and gloom, it's not what you want to hear when your'e feeling like this huh? I do like this one though, and will stick around for a very long time to help anyone I can in any way, we can all help each other xxx

  • this site has been a god send to me,in fact its been like therapy for me.I offer loads of advice but sometimes I wish I could practice what I preach lol

  • hahaha me too, If I could practice what I preach I would be cured!!! :oP

  • lol me too .....if only

  • Hi all I couln't agree more with all the comments made above. I also am new to these forums but do find it useful. I too have just downloaded this book to my kindle and like you Gilly have carried it round like my bible for the last couple of days. It certainly makes you think differently and is definitely the best I have read so far and believe me I have read a lot. Hope we can all stay positive. x

  • If someone had explained all of this years ago like Paul David does in this book I am sure I could have lived a different life. But like everything in life it's a learning process and all part of lifes rich tapestry. The thing I find the most difficult to accept is the depersonalisation I feel. He explains it brilliantly in this book and offers some much needed reassurance xx

  • I cant wait to read it hope it can help me I have only had this for 6 months so may be hope for me x

  • brilliant site! i want the book aswell

  • you can download it onto a Kindle or download it as a PDF file.......I couldn't wait for the actual book so I downloaded it on to my Kindle. I only wish what I'm reading would stick in my brain!! x

  • dont have a kindle so the book it is.

  • I love this bit about depersonalisation:

    'I took some convincing that this was just an off-shoot of anxiety at the time when I was suffering, I thought this must be more serious. Now I know that it was caused by nothing more than a tired mind because I am living proof. I felt so detached that I could not read a book or follow a conversation. It was like taking part in some sort of movie, having to act my way through the day. I just could not connect with people or anything outside of my own little world. I now know that I was just in the habit of watching myself all day and was so concerned about how I felt and how I could get better, I had no interest in the outside world; my illness consumed me. I was living my life while at the same time watching myself and doing neither very well.

    This symptom, like many others relies on your fear of it to keep it alive and this is the symptom I have been asked more than any other over the years. I do go in to far more detail in my book and explain how I was able to recover from this harmless yet disturbing symptom. This condition can really throw people into thinking it is something far worse than it really is. I myself found this feeling of detachment very hard to accept and understand, but when it was explained to me in full, in time I was able to rid myself of this symptom of anxiety.'

  • so so so true I shed a tear

  • Very very true! If only it was as easy to put into practise!

  • i agree im reading books on anxiety fears and phobias and they have exellent lessons in breathing techniques and other helpfull stuff but i find it hard to remember the lessons and go back to my usual thoughts and feelings

  • Im am so with you on that Kriminal...........I do this too!!

  • Hi all , l am also thankful for this site it has helped me deal with my panic attacks better .. and depression also .. would not be without this site it is my bible .. whats the name of the book you are talking about please ..Paula

  • Hi just orderd the book . so here's looking forward to reading it and getting help ..

  • Hiya Paula

    Im glad you ordered the book, I promise it will help you.

    I stumbled upon this site yesterday in desperation...I felt like I was on the brink on admitting myself into the psychiatric unit here in Dundee cos my head was all over the place with mad thoughts and anxiety levels off the scale......As soon as I started reading I instantly knew my symptoms are that of Pure O OCD!!! I immediately calmed down, what a relief...... I actually cried and could have kissed these people if I could.

    I would urge those of you have intrusive thoughts which freak you out to check this out.....

    much love xxx


  • I've just joined this site but I came across Paul David's site and book about three months ago during a desperate search on the net when I felt I was caving in completely. I've suffered anxiety for many years and the book was a godsend to me. I dip back into it regularly and I am confident I can get back to being me again eventually. Been having a bad couple of days this week though but this site has calmed me down a good bit today, knowing other people feel this way and understand is a relief in itself.

  • hi thanks for posting this blog recommending the book after reading your blog i ordered the book straight away and have started reading it and its been a great help i cried a couple of times reading it as it made me realise there is light at the end of the tunnel and i could identify so much with what he says this site and that book has helped me so much feel like ive got the support ive needed for a long time from people that actualy know how awaful anxiety is! x

  • I agree, the book is brilliant and it has had a positive impact already and only started it sunday xx

  • i to bought this book when your reading it and even gives you a buzzs but like you say it sounds great but putting it into pratice is so very very hard, because we all have these avoidance technics installed in us that we have put there are selves so when you have avoided something then go to do it all the anxiety comes out, thoughts sensations,panic you name it it happens. so so hard.

    i have come across another book which i brought of amazon called mind over mood thats quite good it has charts for you to fill inabit like you do at cbtand different sections depression anxiety.

  • Well have ordered the book today hoping its going to help

  • Hi...I've only just joined this forum & the kindness & support from everyone on here is amazing & already helping me feel more positive!

    I've been housebound for the last 6 weeks...a prisoner to my severe panic attacks.

    I've just checked out that link & its great...soon as I can I will invest in the book.

    Thankyou for sharing this :-)

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