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This is one for the ladies....or maybe also husbands.... anyone experience anxiety, panic, depression etc that seems to be linked to perimenopause? I have seen my crying and anxiety ramp up several notches in the last few years as i approach menopause. I am 52. When i was on the contraceptive pill i never had anxiety. Seeing as hormones are integral to regulating moods i think there is a connection. The cocktail of cortisol, adrenaline, oestrogen and progesterone all stimulated by the pituitary gland and controlled by the amygdala. I KNOW there is a connection but find it hard to get a detailed answer from a 10 minute doctor appointment. Any ob/gyns on the forum? Endocrinologists? ......😂😥😣

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I also keep getting random palpitations.


Most deff common symptoms of meno


Lately since this hell started for me (depersonalization/derealization) I have noticed that when I am about to get my period (days before and same day) I get terrible anxiety attacks and that makes that stupid Dp/dr worse. Is a vicious cycle that sucks MAD


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