Just curious if any females on here had some hormonal issues identified as causing anxiety? I know I always have felt more off balance and weak during that time of the month and also had the foggy head, exhaustion and feelings of not being in this world after I had my son ( resolved on its own but I also went back on Zoloft around that time). I am hoping to get my hormone levels tested since I did stop birth control pills around same time my anxiety set in.


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  • Hi, I was on the contraceptive pill, can't remember which one, I just know there were yellow ones and white ones you had to take in order.. When I got to the yellow ones, I would have major panic attacks at night, I couldn't talk to my boys, just wanted them to shut up.. I was panicky as the day came to an end.. It was awful..

    The GP changed the pill to balance out the hormone levels.. I later went through early menopause and again got so panicky.. HRT patches helped tenfold..

  • Hey

    My hormones totallymess with my ocd and anxiety. I tried talking birth control and it gave me tons of energy and when i was coming off of it the hormones went nutts again and i had a complete ocd relapse. I'm37. Never had these issues until after my son also. The last 6 year's have been the only time in my life i had to deal with this. I am on meds for ocd which help tremendously for my daily life but a week or2 before my period its touch and go.

  • How long ago did you have your son?

    After my son was born I had derealization, anxiety, depression, you name it! Zoloft helped a lot! Yes, hormones make me anxious. Since you recently stopped birth control, this can upset hormone levels for a bit. But give it awhile to let everything to level out .

    Hang in there!

  • 100%! They are integral in our mental wellbeing - if they are off balance so are we!!

  • hi i also get a lot more anxiety and have panic attacks like from ten days before I'm due on right up until I get my period I sometimes get it during my period and few days after its hell as you all will know never had this problem yrs ago I started with gad 4 yrs ago got diagnosed with severe panic disorder in October just gone I feel like almost all my anxiety and panic is hormone related and sometimes I feel food triggers me off

  • Did you get your hormones tested? I made an appointment with my gynocologist, hopefully she can help. I was feeling really weak and anxious this week with even more difficulty walking and I ended up getting my period. I always have felt dizzy and off at the time of the month but it has never been so bad.

  • no I don't think ive had my hormones checked I just got told of doctor because my panic attacks occur more and worse at the time of month that she thinks its hormone related my docs won't keep doing blood tests for different things because it costs them money which I do understand its just so hard and scary living like this its no life at all i cant believe it affects my breathing my swallowing my bowels causes dizziness weaknes and shakes and a whole lot more my hormones didn't bother me from a teenager up to 28 yrs I just used to get really bad stomach cramps but none of this scary stuff what happens to me now x

  • I was fine also but always on birth control pills. When I went off I had a burst cyst and now struggling with this horrible anxiety. I have noticed before that I feel weak and dizzy during the times of the month but now it's intensified. I also I have a headache I can't get rid of ( not usual for me). I will request to go back on birth control and hope to see a difference.

  • Hi my daughter is going through same issues but she hasn't had a child and her hormones are out of control. Dr. has prescribed birth control pills and she hasn't started them yet. I assume she needs to start them after her period. I'm I correct? Please advise. Thank you all.

  • Yes start them the Sunday after her period ends. I hopefully will restart mine soon and hoping it will help. I pretty much have been on birth control since my 20's but had a break after my sons birth when I ended up with a burst cyst and now due to high blood pressure with this horrible GAD, should have been a clue to stay on them. I hope they will help your daughter.

  • Thank you so much! Hope you get well soon. :)

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