Heat sensitivity/intolerance

Does anyone experience being more sensitive to the heat or being intolerant of the heat due to having anxiety? This is not something that I experience 24/7, however I am wondering if there is even a connection. Or is it simply I just HATE the heat, and when I get 'overheated' I feel lousy. I don't mean getting anxiety symptoms when hot persay, I am referring to just getting hot quicker and or staying hot longer than normal.


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  • Yes I do feel like it aggravates my anxiety even more, that's why I'm starting to dread the sizzling 100+ summer temps here in South Texas. It makes me not want to come out even more and when I do my anxiety is sky high with aggravation too. I feel so lousy too esp when it awakens my anxiety :(

  • Yeah with my job I'm inside and outside, and summer is upon us. And there's quite a few months ahead of us with this weather.

  • I too experience this from time to time. I get hot flashes out of nowhere sometimes even when I'm not anxious and I'm only 26 so I know it's not menopause and obviously yours isn't either. Lol

  • I've been getting hot flashes for years no lie, strangest thing! But lately it seems like the heat is just more than it use too be. Idk, but I've never enjoyed the heat before.

  • Air con, is my hero. All my life I have dreaded hot weather, it suffocates me, and I try my hardest to stay out of it but I am also a fisherman or was I should say because I developed a heart condition that is increased by the heat so know my planning has to be very intense.

    The part of this condition that really confuses me is how so many worship the sun, and how they can be in direct sun light all day and feel no effects ??? How can that be, why are we so different???

    I also hate the cold weather as well, but at least with that you can mostly warm yourselves up.

  • See I LIVE for cold weather! I have been like that my whole life! Maybe the heat is just affecting me differently now because my anxiety has progressively gotten a bit worse over the past few months. Or maybe I am just thinking about it too much and my mind is making it worse than it actually is.

  • problems adjusting to heat can be indicative of a thyroid problem - and thyroid problems can also lead to anxiety - have you had your thyroid levels tested?

  • Thyroid was checked in the beginning of April and it was within normal range.

  • I know what you mean Loveydovey, it's like our internal thermostat is faulty. I can be sitting down in the basement where my computer is set up, think an upsetting thought and BAM...instead of an anxiety attack, I get so warm like someone just turned the heater on.

    I do some deep breathing, relax and then I'm good.

    Other times I can get the chills from stress. Crazy..

  • A few months ago I too had "problems" with heat. At that time everything aggravated my anxiety though and time has been healing most my symptoms. Sugar, caffeine, bread, pretzels, heat, all put me in a down spiral that was normally fixes pretty good by a good night's sleep.

  • Yeah I mean once I get out of the heat and cool down or sit in front of a fan or the AC I'm usually good within 30 minutes to an hour. My job is half outside and half inside and its becoming summer here in Virginia. So I can't avoid the heat unfortunately. Just have to tough through it I guess.

  • Yes in the heat i feel like I'm not breathing enough and it reminds me of when i get myself in a hot mess when I'm anxious so i don't do brilliant in the heat either.

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