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link between anxiety disorder and loneliness!

is there any connection between anxiety disorder and loneliness. i had issues since i were kid but it wasn't biggie that time because my family was around but since i moved out things are being worse. i guess it because i couldnt make any friends who will help me out when you have panic. anxiety disorder turn into depression. now i dont see the point of living. it felt like i wont achieve anything in life and would die alone so bottom line is i think it would have been different if i have friends or i was more social.

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Well for me there is a link, due to how we are brought up in childhood,

This can affect how we see ourselves in the world. Its a complex subject that I'm just starting to understand.

Therapy which deals with the deep past can be a help, as I have found, and does allow one to react differently, and be more open to new situations.

The anxiety will of course be a problem in social situations too, and can lead to social anxiety.

The thing is we have to help ourselves as no one else can, we can be told how to get out of the anxiety state but we must put in the practice to do so and thats is hard.

But worth it

wishing you well




The only link I can imagine is the fact that the more time you spend alone when anxious, the less distracted from that anxiety you will be........i.e.......hobbies,interests,social activity,walking.........all these things will distract you from self indulgency.......I wish u well


OOOOHHHHHHH Cookiepatch, nasty. At least they wished you well. We can but try and have a positive attitude, even for the sake of others, to see how we can overcome this illness.


We can but also try to say how we feel without preaching to the afflicted. Don't you agree x wishing you well :-)


I am well today, as it is one day at a time, no-one knows what tommorow will bring, I may be on here looking for help......But one thing I had to let go was resentment, anger and knowing better, they kept me ill.......

As for your last sentence........I,ll let it go as it is no help to anyone......


Needing to work a bit harder on the knowing better bit. :-) xxx


Hi Wabra - yes, there is a definite link between mental illness (anxiety/depression) and loneliness, which works both ways. If we're lonely, lacking a supportive network of family/friends, we are more vulnerable to mental health problems. Also, having a mental health problem makes it more difficult to make connections with people, so it is a very vicious circle - and, despite what some people may say, there is nothing "self-indulgent" about it!

MIND has a whole leaflet on loneliness and mental health you might find helpful, you can find it on here:

You can download it as a PDF - it also says online support can be very helpful if you're not yet ready to "face the world" - which is why sites like these are so good. There are some lovely, supportive, kind people on here, Wabra, so keep posting!


lots of love




Well described BriarRose, thanks for the link too.

I think this loneliness comes from my childhood too, and is made worse with my anxiety and depression.


Thanks. Baylien, hope you find the link helpful too! Yep, lonelienss is made worse by anxiety/depression - and the other way round!

good luck!




A very good link. Thanks


Hi I agree it can be very difficult when you move away from home. I did at 18 and found myself feeling alone and unwanted. I know its hard but you need to make contact with as many people as possible. Out of those you can then pick who might be a friend. Don't think of it though as 'people who can help you with your panic attacks'. If you can make some good friends the rest will follow. You will have to be prepared to be supportive to your friends as well though.

I love playing darts and when I moved to another new area when I was 42 the first thing i did was find myself a darts team. Out of that I also found friends. Now I have a number of friends - 3/4 very good true friends - but that takes time, lots of casual friends and loads of drinking friends. Thats fine because I live on my own and human contact is at the end of the day human contact and thats what we all need.

Good luck with it all.

Bev x


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