Wobbly stl

Hi everyone,

Dizzy feeling again this am, panic set in, just sitting down, dizzy feeling in my head or eyes don't know which really, start to shake, really scared.

I can see perfectly well after this happens, just feel so anxious. It only lasts for a few seconds , had my eyes checked. Does anyone else have this??

Am scared I have a brain tumour, am so sick of this shit. Hope someone can reassure me. Can my anxiety really cause these symptoms.


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  • Banjorosie, the dizziness you describe is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety and the chances of it being a brain tumour are just about zero. However, dizziness can be due to temporary problems in the inner ear so do go and see your doctor, it will give you some reassurance and is an opportunity to rule out the balance mechanism in your ear. If it is the latter it clears up by itself but the smart money is still on anxiety as being the cause.

    Tell your doctor about your fears about a brain tumour and when he tells you it's none of those things just anxiety then you must accept what he or she says.

    The way to overcome the anxiety symptoms is to temporarily accept them without creating more fear and freaking out, just relax and accept even the symptoms of panic attack as just a blip in your nervous system caused by you worrying about your health far too much. But do go and see your doc to rule out an inner ear cause of your dizziness.

  • It's anxiety , brain tumor there are much more worse symptoms then dizziness. I have virdigo and it comes and goes . When my neck was out I would get dizzy . I also got dizzy from anxiety due to shallow breathing . Unfortunately our minds always want to think the worst after all anxiety feeds off fear. So try to relax just know it's prob only the lest thing rather then the worst . . Take care .

  • Yes anxiety can cause dizziness like vertigo I get it all the time when I start panicking dizzy and jelly legs. Make sure you get checked off the doctor aswell explain your symptoms just to rule out things.

  • Yes my logical brain tells me it's anxiety , but why does it hit you when your not feeling anxious, I wasn't thinking of being anxious at that time, it was so scary, talking and acting normal and then bang, my head was swirling on the inside, only for about 5 /6 or 7 seconds. To scared to go to the doctors. Feel like I'm loosing my mind.

    I appreciate all of your words, they make sense, when your in that anxious state it's hard to convince me , it has to be something terrible. I'm just so worn out.

  • Hi for the last few weeks I've had dizzy spells lasting a few seconds that don't affect eye sight or anything just a weird buzz, also had 2 major light headed spells where I had to actually hold on to something thinking I will faint, went to docs and done some tests and when I explained other symptoms like shaking and shortness of breath I was told anxiety, it's got that bad now tho I'm working my self up so much I'm now on blood pressure tablets :( you will be fine :)

  • I also thought brain tumor and done the worst thing and googled symptoms and all of a sudden I had similar symptoms:( anxiety is nasty at times

  • I know it's just the most awful thing, o keep googling as well, trying to find answers , it's a viscous circle, I just wSnt these symptoms to stop. It is good we can share though, hope you start to feel better.😊

  • I think I'm getting there, I try my hardest to ignore them and carry on, the docs aren't worried so y should I be :) thanks for your reply

  • Never google symptoms! You will start to believe you have every disease in the book. And guess what? You will have more symptoms.

  • Yes it can and it does. Anxiety has many uncomfortable symptoms and it can wreak havoc. I have dealt with dizziness from anxiety alone as well as feeling faint due to a panic attack. Try to get your mind on something nice when you feel dizzy. It's hard, but each time you distract yourself from the symptoms, you are re wiring you brain to not over react and training it to be calmer instead of fight or flight mode. Hope this helps. I've been to too many doctors in my past and they all have told me the same thing over and over again. Once I calm down, the symptoms lessen.

  • Trying my hardest, now I have a blood pressure monitor to do at home as was a little high and even that's now stressing me out lol,

  • Don't do that either. Let me tell you my blood pressure was very high and the more I checked it, the higher it got. It is easy to form additional anxiety by doing this. It increases the anxiety which in turn increases adrenaline and BP. If your doc told you to check it, check it once a day and not after exercising.

  • Yeh he wants a weeks worth, morning and night, wasn't too high in the eves but mornings it's fairly up there, it's crazy a few weeks ago I was happy go lucky didn't really have any worries but now I'm turning into a wreck with constant worry, thanks for your replies much appreciated:)

  • Mine is to. I take 2 BP meds in the morning. Do you exercise like walking? I do 3-6 times a week on a treadmill and then incline. It helps a lot. I to play video games after a long hard day at work and so does my wife. The anxiety is from constant worrying, fear, or both. Even when we are not trying to think about bad things, our brains subconscious has formed a bad habit of over reacting and causing physical symptoms in our body's. Everytime you feel anxious, distract yourself and focus on something better. Everytime you do this, you're training your brain what is acceptable and what's not. Hope this helps. Try the walking, it does the mind and body good.

  • I go to the gym but lately I've not done too much as have this awareness of my heart beating hard and worries me more, I have a heavy job with steel work so every day is like a work out. Not into video games but have a 1 year old daughter to run around after :), this talking helps a lot believe me for once today I'm actually chilled, found out these anxiety in the family and my dad has had hbp for 17 years, so prob around my age when he was diagnosed, I'm 37 btw not overweight 14.4 Stone and 6 ft so kinda in good shape :)

  • Did your doc put you on any other medications besides BP?

  • No m8 I'm on 2.5 amipril I take it before bed but don't feel like it's doing much, I'm back there Friday and hope to get something for anxiety

  • Good. I weaned myself off Lexapro a few months ago. I don't like SSRI's because withdrawing from them is hell. I do take 1.0 mg of xanax a day and it takes the edge off. However, I will tell you that BenzodiazepinesCan be addictive. Ask your doc if he recommends taking small doses only as needed.

  • I'm new to this so not sure what all these tabs are m8 but for sure I will be asking questions, I'm now thinking that quitting alcohol after constant drinking for years have messed my head up and blood pressure

  • Bingo, I was in the same boat! I drank light beer for 2 years. I stopped and then here came the anxiety. Let me help you my friend. It is going to take a while for your brain to rewire. When you drink for a few years and or months, the alcohol replaces the natural GABA which is our body's relax mode or calm mode. Once you stop, your body is running on Cortisol which is adrenaline. This is why you are having anxiety attacks. Here's the good news! The brain is the last thing to recover from alcohol. I was never an alcoholic and nor am I. I was drinking because I was depressed. Not a good reason to drink because it makes depression way worse. My mom passed away at that time and I couldn't deal with it so I drank. When I stopped, my brain went haywire because 2 years of drinking, alcohol replaced the GABA. Once you stop cold turkey, all 3 major neurotransmitters start firing away because of not drinking. You will be fine. I am not an AA member and don't drink anymore. Can I? I could have 2-3 now but don't want to. Not interested. They say moderation is safe. I don't believe long term it is. You can and will get through this! Everytime your brain says I would love some alcohol, say no a Dr Pepper or water is better! And do just that. Alcohol withdrawal raises BP substantially. Hang in there.

  • Awesome thanks mate, I was a drinker then a year ago lost my mum also then drank heavy to try and get it out god my head, we seem alike in many ways, what you have explained makes more sense than anything the docs have said, never knew quitting raised blood pressure and the docs ain't said that either! Thanks again m8

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