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WHY and is it Normal

I have had a rough 2 weeks guys and just a quick question i am feeling really dizzy every day now and it feels so awful if feels as though i am i am swaying and is really starting to make me feel nervous its worse if i am doing something or i stand up quickly but it is sort of frightening me now and wondering whether to go back to docs but i know he will say its my anxiety but i really dont think this is anxiety its happening nearly all day on and off and every day and is starting to get me down and make me scared :( xxxxxx

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Hi Sheffield

I get vertigo & the swaying when standing up is something I get with that

I sometimes find that when we suffer with anxiety , some docs , not all , can make their life easier to put everything down to that , & most of the time it is , as we no anxiety gives us weird & wonderful feelings

Go back if you are not happy , ask them to take your blood pressure , explain about when you are getting it & put it to them could it be vertigo etc ...see what they say

Let us no how you go on





Thanks why i know i am prob making myself worse worrying love but it feels so bloody weird and is upsetting me now i am gona go back and ask hun but i do feel like i am getting on my poor docs nerves sometimes how are you today hun have you been doing ok have you tried to go out a little xxxxxx


Hi sheffield i constantly had a dizzy head this time last yr and it really did scare me. Then as whywhy said i thought it was verigo but doctor put it down to anxiety. It did go after wks but i still get it back now and then. Its such an horrible feeling hope its leaves u alone soon xxx


Thanks donaf its been every day and sometimes its giving me a headache whether its just with worrying but i am feeling scared hun and am wondering whether to go see my gp again why do we have to put up with such things wish there was a magic tablet that would just take it away for us full stop thanks hun you and whywhy are such wonderful people love you both xxxxxx


Hi well I have one hug left tonight and I'm sending it to you x it might be anxiety but haven't you recently had a cold? Only asking as my husband had a bad cold and then had 3/4 weeks where he had really bad dizzy spells. He got up one morning and it literally sent him to the floor. Doctor laid him down and moved his head quickly on one side and he immediately had the dizzy room spinning thing again. She gave it a name but my husband can't remember but he had some tablets for a few days then he was ok(sorry I know that may mean taking meds) but might be worth checking out. Love eve x


Ahh thanks eve yes i have had a cold love for a few days now but the dizzy spells have been for 2 weeks and i feel the same as if i am literally doing to fall over it feels awful and really scares me was it for vertigo or was it something entirely different it is worrying me hun but we know us with anxiety it does make it even worse but i am so off and worried with it now and thanks eve your so kind big hugs back love its nice to know people care xxxxxxxx


If u want to c gp again then do thats wat there here for. I went more or less most days for a month and thats not including my visits to a n e and having ecgs every wkend. The one doctor told me at a n e last yr that y am i there for mental health problems? Y didnt i go. Ssee my gp? Cheeky twat! I said excuse me but im dizzy in the head, pains in my chest, have moments of pure panic (painc attacks which i didnt know at the time) and to top it off ive felt like i was going to pass out. So y wudnt i be there making sure i was ok? There jobs r to reasure us and to make sure we r ok xXx


God that is so bad hun i agree cheeky twat and i have been in and out of hospital but they never said it to my face but sometimes its as if you can read their mind (omg its her again what is it gona be today ) and how do we know wtf it is exactly thats why we go we dont feel well so we go i really dont think they understand the severity of our anxiety sometimes and just see it as if it just in our mind maybe it is maybe it isnt hun but for god sake do people seriously think we enjoy feeling the way we do wasting our lives worrying what if all the time no we dont so maybe if they really had a good dose of we suffer with on an everyday basis they may just sit back and think yes that poor person lets just give her/him some reassurance rather than just judging us as if we are going totally mad so yes you right hun why the bloody hell wouldnt you go we dont know that some of the symptoms are caused by our anxiety otherwise we would be doing there jobs so much more bettter xxxxx


Hi Sue,

sorry not been on much, had a big day today........:-(

Could be tension in your shoulders, causing you to feel dizzy, breath in, pull shoulders up towards ears, squeeze then let go gently. nice big slow breath out,

Also you can roll shoulders clockwise and anti clockwise, if it feels really sore.

Try a nice hot bath, after putting some ice packs, I use frozen peas rapped in tea towel, on shoulders each side of neck or the sore area for 20 mins, every 2 hours. warm up after, and no babmington whilst its cold :-)

Sometimes the base of the skull near where the spine goes in gets alot of tension, you can ice that too then warm up.

Put your cosy onezy on, nice hot drinky, and cuddle up,

sit and relax, maybe tele to take you mind off of the anxiety, and know were all here caring for you

Here's a quick hug, you will be ok




Ah thanks whatnext i have read a few blogs and there seems to be a few with this symptom its so scary my head feels like its floating and feel off balance and how you my love not heard much from you lately hun hope you doing better xxxxx


I have this at times. Mine is caused not through anxiety but middle ear imbalance. It's when the fluid in your ear gets out of kilter. There are some exercises you can do do help get over this. Mine can last a few days or weeks. And it makes you feel dizzy, nauseous and off balance. Not very nice. If you google middle ear imbalance the exercises may be on there. Hope nit goes soon. All the best. xx


OOH, that should be it not nit !!!!


ahh thanks love i have been suffering a while and i know my gp said it could be fluid in my ear or vertigo but didnt want to give me any more meds with my others but it doesnt seem to be easing at all and yes the worry kicks in i hate feeling off balance and dizzy its such a weird feeling i cant get use to and nits havent got them thank god haha thanks hun :) xxxxxx


hi shefwed, when my son was a lot younger he was suffering from being sick all the time, did loads of tests couldn't find the problem, until they brought in a professor who put a pencil in front of him and asked him to follow it when he moved it across his face, he immediately fell over, then he knew he was suffering from menniers disease, which is an infection of the inner ear (vertigo ) was given tablets for a week & completely cured. xxx take care .


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