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Jittery jumpy edgy so not relaxed


I start thinking about something I'm worried about with headaches and neck/shoulder pain I've been seeing a physio therapist for 8 month just had X-rays of my neck to see why it's not getting better. Been offered acupuncture but I'm to afraid in case it messes with my anxiety. I think about the headaches all the time thinking it's something worse than just muscle damage from my neck. All the thinking is causing me to get more and more anxious by them min, I start feeling like things are speeding up which causes me to start feeling jittery on edge. Things start looking brighter day light my phone, lights, my mood changes I start getting snappy because I can't cope with these feelings I'm awaiting my app for counselling which I hope comes quick as I'm now starting to get a fear of choking. Before I had coping techniques where I would carry a bottle of water and carry Valium 2mg which are 9 year old and think there out of date. None of this works for me anymore. I've been here before and I learnt how to deal with the symptoms before I just can't seem to get to grips with it ATM any ideas?


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Hi JJB83, I've had severe neck and shoulder tightness and pain for years. It happened after a car accident where I had a side whiplash to my neck. It's there everyday, sometimes worse than others. Hydrating is still important (which I'll confess I don't do) Every time I can, I use heat for my neck and shoulders which helps relax the muscles. It's where I hold all my tension. The tighter my neck gets, the more chance of getting dizzy. That's what scares me the most. At one time I did have acupuncture for headaches which worked very well, but I didn't have anxiety issues at the time. Hypnosis works exceptionally well but is costly (not recognized by insurance)

I've had more than my share of physical therapy in the past which helps immensely while in treatment but then is short lived. You are certainly not alone in having neck problems that cause anxiety to go off the edge. I wish I could give you a direct solution, but I haven't found one yet. :(

Wishing you well.


Thank you for your reply agora1. I'm in the process of getting X-rays and stuff to see what is going on, mine I think has been caused by my bf motorbike been on the back when he has done stupid speeds. I am awaiting X-ray results. I did try a chiropractor and it took my pain away for about 4 days then it just got the same I bought a voucher and got two treatments. Couldn't really afford the sessions they said I could do with.

My pain is bad ATM because they have told me to stop taking all painkillers for 3 month to see if I'm getting medicine induced headaches. It's so tough I cry most days it's that bad and worries me it seems to have flared up but I did go out on the motorbike last week which I think has caused the flare up. I'm in the middle of exams at college to and cannot concentrate.

Sounds like we kind of have the same pain, you could try seeing a chiropractor if you can afford it, they realine your spine.

My physio has told me that the neck pain I have can cause anxiety she has said my tripezious muscle is so tense and she can loosen it during a session but then it just tenses back up.

I hope you find something that helps you,


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JJB83, It's true in how painkillers can cause rebound headaches. My anxiety definitely started with neck problems which grew into shoulder tightness. It's true that physical therapy only feels good for a short time because our muscles both in the neck and shoulders are like rubber bands. You can stretch them with heat and therapy but it always snaps back to the original position. It is frustrating to say the least.

I wish you well...

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