How the heck to relax


Pretty new to this forum, anyone have any tips to relax the only thing that works for me is Lorazepam and can't get many at a time and so use them when really bad, my biggest issue is the constant ache in the stomach area, tense muscles , causes rapid heartbeat that I feel in my head and chest and stomach , its constantly there , when layed down the bed physically moves and my head moves on the pillow it gets so strong, have read books on breathing and all the other stuff but my mind just overrides any of that and I just have to let it pass , obviously worrying all the time I will have a heart attack

Thanks for reading


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  • Should I have posted this in questions ? Apologies if the wrong section

  • Hi i have just said the same thing my heart is fluttering away it feels awful i hate this feeling and too have been getting chest pains terrible its as tho someone is stood on my chest i sympathise with you feeling exactly the same as you and fed up with it i am taking citropramatnight but nothing in day to ease it xx

  • Hi sorry to hear your suffering too , I was on cit but I stopped it as didn't feel it was doing anything after about 18 months , had this for about three years now , am not very good with my feelings so if unwell I just assume has to be something more than anxiety , docs just say anxiety ! Just layed on sofa at min pounding has stopped a bit just got ache in stomach area as usual , hope you manage to relax and thanks for the reply.

  • Ah i know the feeling love but trying to think you are feeling same makes me know i am not alone its the worse feeling ever thanks for your help will try and relax xxx

  • I know that feeling very well, and have had many anti-meds,amon Escitolapram, and Valium every day ,

    been on the valium so long not able to get off them now. Lindenlea.

  • Do you find the Valium works the best though ?

  • I have had many meds for anxiety over the years, and was under the hospital when Valium first came on the market, and was prescribed them, and I really found a difference in my way of life, I was able to help myself more, and even started to go out alone, but at that time they did not know they were addictive, but after being on them so many years, my doctor told me he would never think of taking me off them, so I still take 4 daily, and people say they do not work after all this time, but I know when I need one.They did help me. Hug from Lindenlea

  • Think i will venture back to Doctors at some point see if i can maybe get something else to take the edge off, not sure it was antidepressants i needed as they didnt seem to do anything but the Lorazepam even though i take if really bad does work to calm me down, so maybe i should chat to them about that ? If i could relax it would help, just all the pounding heart, chest pain etc etc just sends me into a spiral of panic and its ruining my life now for three years bah

    Thanks for the info and hope you keep managing :)

  • Hi, have you tried beta-blockers? They work by reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety. Ask your gp to see if they are suitable for you.

  • Thanks Steffi , will enquire about those, thanks for taking time to read

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