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Weed experince

SO just wanted to put this out there if you didnt Know or didnt see my post soo three months ago around thanks giving i was in my friend car he was driving we in the highway so i started rolling up weed and me and him started smoking soo i took a couple of pulls about 4 or 5 pulls so out of no where i started panicking for some reason my heart started racing i was telling him to pull over i need air from out side or put the windows down My heart was going even more fast i felt my head tingling like something triggered my head or something but i was the only one going crazy he was fine it was just me going nuts No i guess the weed wasnt laced he was perfectly fine because if it was laced me and him would been going nuts but the only way i calm down was by throwing up. next morning i still woke up like my heart racing been to the hospital alot of times say my blood is normal and ekg is normal as well but you know me i didnt believe went to a heart docter made me do stress test and did thyriod aswell he said everything is fine and my heart is very strong and health Ok so now let me tell you my sypthoms Shaky hands, dizzyness, and ever sense that time my vision seems unreal , feeling like body sore my legs and arms ,back ,neck , head tingling , chest pains sometimes shortness of breath , always using the bathroom aswell and my head is always feeling heaving or wierd i guess the most that gets me alittle scared is my chest pains and my heart beats fast for no reason i could go outside and am only walking my heart beats fast or sometimes when am in a car aswell idk but this hard for me right now these past three months been going to hospitals and all they say am fine to trust them everything looks good but the only thing is i hope dont feel like this for the rest of my life Am only 20 years old trying to enjoy my life and finish school but it seems like i csnt do that feels like something is going to happen to me probably in the future or idk but thats why am almost home all the time .please god take this away from me need my regular life back

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Sounds like you've had your first panic attack and it has triggered a generalized state of anxiety. No blood test or scan is going to find the mental state you are in. Trust your doctor's conclusions. Don't give up though. Start looking in a different direction. Take steps to figure out what your triggers are, internal and external. A psychologist could help put you on the right track toward the road to recovery. A psychiatrist might give you some medication to help you manage your symptoms and give you some relief.

There was an event in my life that made me realize the level of anxiety I was living with and the depth of depression I was in. It felt like the world caved in on me at that instance but I realized later that I was a boiling pot waiting to go over. I felt like I was losing my mind so I went to my doctor. He was no help, he literally recommended yoga and meditation. (Later on that did actually help but that was a long way off). I called around until I found a psychiatrist who took forever to get in to see but in the mean time I started seeing a psychologist (therapist). That helped hold me over until I got on anti-anxiety medication. Slowly my heart stopped pounding, I could sit still and being in a quiet room wasn't agony.


Soo you dont think the weed didnt do something bad to me and ama be like this for ever am just scared like feel like my vision is un real i just want my life back how i was


I really don't think this is a permanent state you are in. Yeah, I think the weed triggered it. If you were talking about LSD or Meth, I would say there's a chance you hurt yourself. Weed? Not so much.

You will get over it eventually. I think you will have learned a lot about yourself once you've recovered and might not feel the "same" as you use to, depending on your personal journey. Emotional events can leave a lasting impression.


Yeah but i had this for three months already what you think will i ever get back to normal again and enjoying my life


Stay away from anything stimulating it including smoking weed or cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

I've cut all of those things out of my life and try to stay away from energy drinks and caffeine.

Once in a while I'll drink and smoke cigarettes on a night out and I feel it in the hangover the next day. I know it's temporary though so I don't panic and it generally goes away as I rehydrate.

Educate yourself about it too. Anxiety is a little different for everyone.

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You'll get back to normal if you apply yourself to make changes.


yeah havent smoke drink for three months ever sense it happen they gave me meds for the problem but i havent taken any because am trying to fix it my self try to control it


For many weed will offer great help in reducing anxiety and yet for others it will be the worst nightmare.

I hear how you feel. It's sad that so many young people these days are experiencing anxiety. You may want to take a closer look at your life and see if you can make any changes in what you do, what you think, what you eat, how you sleep, where you spend your time. Etc. The more you think how you feel the worst the anxiety will be. You have to distract yourself with other thoughts. Pick up a new hobby, do something you always wanted to do. Visit a new płace, city, country. Find people with a variety of different interest in life. Start feeling alive within. Take an Art of Living basic course.


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