Hey Guys Soo Am Going through some things for the past two months i had went to the hosptal like about 6 times because my heart would be racing and my arms feeling tingling feet aswell my head feels wierd it feels like i get some headaches at times or feeling like my head is tingling i get shortness of breath my vision also seems wierd i really dont know what to do anymore i seen so much docters and they say am fine they give me medicine for anxiety but i dont like taking those type of pills am also 20 year old male and the other thing i got all of this because of smoking weed it wasnt laced doe the person i was with was feeling fine but i was going crazy after i felt a trigger like on my head of tingling and my heart started racing after that day i never felt like myself again what should i do believe the docters or should i get my brain checked out ?


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  • Sounds like anxiety to me, is your symptoms constant or do they come and go

  • It comes and goes sometimes but its like literally everday dont know what else to do @bauer1420

  • Hi Johnnie1234, as often as you have been to the hospital, have you ever told them about smoking weed that produced these symptoms? I've been reading more and more about people who have never experienced anxiety, having this problem upon smoking weed. Not everyone is the same in how they will react to something. My suggestion would be to talk with a doctor you trust, being frank with them and see what they have to say. Those are the symptoms of anxiety but may have been triggered by a chemical reaction in your brain. Let us know how you do...

  • Thank you so should i get like cat scan or something to make sure ? @agora1

  • Or can i go to a Neurologist?

  • Johnnie, if it were me, I'd go to a neurologist and let him decide if you need further testing. My best..

  • thank you so much ill keep you posted after then

  • Please do...Good Luck

  • Johnnie you need to see a psychiatrist please don't take this the wrong way.You sound so much like me I stay at the ER at the hospital having tests done so far nothing wrong it's panic attacks and depression you need to get some medicine for this so you get control of these feelings you are having all the test you have had nothing wrong should make you feel better.I take Prozac And Xanax it as helped.I still have bad days like today I have sweated all day but I know it's just nerves they can make you feel like your dying they will cause all kinds of physical things to happen to you heart racing fainting nausea everything.Ive been under a lot of stress since Jan.2017 with my Mom being sick I'm not doing that well right now so tired can't sleep feel awful ,sometimes even taking my meds I can't control the panic it's a horrible way to live!

  • yeah its crazy idk what to do anymore all this happen with the weed i smoked i guess it trigered me to have severe anxiety get sypmthoms 24/7 and the weed wasnt laced it was probably to strong idk what to do anymore doe feel like im going nuts my head always feels wierd to heavy or feeling dizzy and my vision seem like unreal or something but ive been like this for 4 months already this is the first time ever experincing all this pain and sympthoms i get im only 20 years old aswell have alot on my back

    right just worrying about my body and worrying saying say if something happen to me because of this

  • Johnnie please get you some help the Xanax will calm you down.

  • yeah honestly idk what to do im not trying to take addictive pills been trying to solve it my own and just when i do i think im going crazy in the head starts feeling well

  • I would rather take medicine even if it is addictive then to feel like I'm going crazy feeling like that is no life.I made a choice to feel better so I can function,and have a life!

  • Hey Kid, I’ve had drug induced anxiety/panic attacks to include a couple from weed. After overcoming 30 years of drug and alcohol addiction, I am very comfortable with this subject. As alcohol and drugs can cause laughter, joy and euphoria not to mention be a social lubricant, they can also exacerbate paranoia, fear, anger, anxiety and isolation. The first time was in high school and a second in my twenties. The first I was getting high with my friends and got light headed, palpitations, became very nervous and collapsed to the ground and nearly passed out. Just probably started hyperventilating then freaked because I was high. That led to the symptoms you described and more chronic anxiety. It only takes one “bad high”, as we call it, to lead the mind down anxiety or worry road. Instead of enjoying the day in front of me I became obsessed with obsessing on that moment I panicked, freaked out while getting high. I kept worrying about that moment and that maybe I was going crazy. NONE could be further from the truth. I had just minded-tricked myself if you get my drift. I was afraid of feeling that way again and therefore began a habit of “feeling that way again.” I've been there several times myself-And I believe that YOU have the inner strength to overcome this! I’ve been through far worse and pulled myself back. Trust me here, laughing at yourself, at your silly mind, can be very very soothing. Take a deep breath and realize that your young and the mind can be very creative and sporadic at your age. I know mine was. Sit back on a comfortable chair, smile-smile and think/feel back to how you felt inside a week or so before the event occurred. IF you can feel that old relaxed, good feeling “you” inside for a moment then hold onto it and try to let it stay awhile. Your imagination can scare you but also induce a pleasant healthy emotional daydreams and be a great tool. It’s been very helpful, meditative and soothing to me in helping my emotional perception or my state of mind. I’m just a layman but I’m guessing that thoughts and feelings work with memories in both directions. I know its hard to change your perception when your feeling down and I know I sound a bit silly but I hope some of my life observations and experiences have helped. I have overcome a severe anxiety/panic disorder not to mention many other physical and mental setbacks during my 49 year journey-and none has beat me yet. Gratitude! I had a cardiac arrest last summer and died on my lawn then my defibrillator shocked me with hundreds of volts 3 times bringing me back to life-again. You know what I did the next day? I got up, I got dressed and I found a person that had no hope-and I gave them hope again-and that gave me hope again. Get out of your own head and help someone in dire need and it reminds us how silly our problems really are. Good luck and best wishes, Russ

  • Thank you Man it felt good reading this am just trying to fix this problem because i get all these physical sypmthoms like shaking everytime i go outside my heart is racing my vision seem to seem wierd dry mouth soreness my body and alot of different things like i just want this to go away i cant enjoy life i how use to .:(

  • Hey Johnnie, I was just like you at your age and I remember the fear of my own mind and the dreadful feelings, symptoms and confusion it produced. Let me be very clear. I have done many types of drugs over many decades and have known hundreds of people who used. Today I work with hundreds of addicts and alcoholics at the street level as a volunteer. If you have come to the conclusion that nobody cares as I did-you are absolutely wrong-i do. I have never commented in a forum like this-but here we are. You are my kin-these people are my family. I represent no organization but have been asked to speak at treatment centers etc. dozens of times to thousands of recovery folks. I have Never personally heard of a person taking an average amount of a common street drug and the drug making them crazy. If it was a common occurrence we would all know about it. I’m not saying it could never happen, I’m just saying I've never heard of it. I hope that helps comfort your mind a bit. Can drugs and alcohol make very minimal mental maladies into mental health problems, if a person does not stop?-YOU BET THEY CAN! NOW listen to me very very carefully. Most of the people I work with, turns out, are very creative and their minds are incredible. The same mind that can create a Michael Angelo or Edgar Allen Poe can also create a drug addicted, neurotic life of despair. Most of the people I work with play instruments, write poetry, various artist and commonly work in graphics design type careers. Many are supervisors, managers and business owners-the recovered ones. Several with very minimal education make well over $100,000 a year. Do you know why? Because there minds are absolutely incredible when free from their self-imposed mental confines and drugs. Jimmy Hendrix Anthony Hopkins Stevie Ray Vaughan Ludwig Van Beethoven Benvenuto Cellini Jim Morrison Kieth Moon John Bonham and on and on and on. In old World history there was acceptance, praise, glory and careers in mainstream society for Poets, potters, artists, jesters and musicians-My brothers and sisters at heart. Today it is more difficult for our (creative, wild, and sometimes flexible and silly) minds to find acceptance in a analytical, science based, critical and a routine World. Your not crazy my friend, just probably born in the wrong century-lol. Anyway, theres my 10 cents worth of philosophy. When I said you have the ability to help yourself, I was NOT trying to comfort you, I was trying to tell you the truth.

    I love internal medicine so consulting with your doctor is always good and their response can be very comforting. Until a doctor finally looked away from his test results and said (in my early 20s) “Is everything OK Russ?” and I said “I think I'm going insane” and I melted in shame. With a friendly smile he said “I think you have severe anxiety and panic attacks” and it’s going to be OK. It was like lifting a thousand pounds of rock off my exhausted body. My anxiety first raised its ugly head at about age 7 from an incident induced panic attack. In my 20s was the first time I ever told anybody-the Doctor. My mind, body and spirit were exhausted if not broken. I know how you feel Johnnie and its OK. Your OK. I’m talking to you as a fellow human who has been around the block several times not to mention hell and back. I am not a professional-just a guy who cares. Internal medicine in 2017 is absolutely incredible and their ability to diagnose your physical ailments should be trusted. They can make mistakes too but they do their best-and I trust them. People who have not felt your dread and nervousness inside have a hard time feeling your anguish themselves. Their only human. If the MD does not find any biological or neurological problems don’t get frustrated-it might just be in your excessive worry-it happens a lot to new folks i meet and work with-it happened to me. I had almost every symptom you have described including difficulty leaving home or going out in public. Don’t misunderstander, I am not saying you are an addict or alcoholic just that you describe the same “worried thinking” issues I hear often. Many in recovery have anxiety and depression, they very often seem to go hand in hand, so I see a lot of it. Marcus Aurelius said it nicely: "The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts" REMEMBER THIS-”What you focus on grows” I focus on worry-it grows. I focus on recovery-it grows. I focus on a better relationship with my girlfriend-it grows. I focus my mind and time on better income-it grows. I focus on my personal studies-it grows. Keep searching for answers. My journey led to the most incredible perception changing moment i have ever experienced-and will ever experience. Your Forum friend-Russ

  • Wow thank you so much i read this whole thing it got me shocked but honestly i worry alot mostly of these sypthoms i have it every day like idk honest what to do anymore my friend russ

  • Thoughtmonster, if I could give you a "10" for Like, I would. Thank you for sharing your story. Life experience is always the best. I like your way of thinking. I can only imagine the gratitude you feel after last summer. Your job wasn't over. Continue giving hope to others and know that circle of hope will come back to you each time.

  • Bro I felt the same right after I started smoking black &a mild one night I started having shortness of breath and when I was driving I thought I had a heart attack but they say it was a anxiety attack ever since then I haven't been the same my breathing is off it feels like I'm always focused on my breathing I can't do it in my own I been to the hospital like 30 times in one month but all my test came back normal my heart was perfectly fine the doc said idk why I was feeling like this everyday I couldn't even go outside without worrying sooo much bro I know exactly what your going thru if you need me to talk to bro just let me know your not the only one going thru this 💯💯

  • Yeah bro like i be thinking something wrong with my brain or something i think my nervous system is damage or something or be thinking mad stuff like brain cancer and shit like idk be scared to go out side because everytime i go out my heart starts going mad fast like you know am just tryna enjoy life i use to these feelings just get me to the point idk ehat to anymore

  • Johnnie, all of my issues came up 2 weeks after I quit binge drinking for 2 years due to the loss of my mother. I was depressed so I drank beer. I learned when I quit-not an alcoholic, my symptoms started. Putting 2 and 2 together, I do believe smoking weed or drinking or both messes up the brain chemistry and GABA. This results in the adrenal system kicking in high gear. This could be the case why we continue to have these symptoms

  • And it can take months to a few years to return to normal. Depends how long you been smoking weed. I can share with you it is hell but you will get through it.

  • Thanks so it is anxiety ? and are you fine now ?

  • I still have some wooziness but not all the time. Of course I weaned my self off of lexapro that my doc prescribed me for the binge drinking withdrawals in which made me feel worse symptom wise. Anti depressants don't work for everyone. See John, when I was younger, I went to med school for 3 years and then changed my major to Business. I know alot about medical issues but I am no doctor. Here's the thing. Doctors are good when you have a medical issue that they are familiar with. Anxiety is far worse than an illness.. do you know why? Because it is unspecified. Meaning Anxiety can be caused from a medical illness but mimics physical symptoms. It's real and yes you feel their wrath. Give it some time say a couple of months. Eat right, exercise daily, and try to minimize worry and stress. Easier said then done. Our brains are learning to cope with stress naturally now instead of weed and alcohol doing it for us. Hang in there. If you need to chat, let me know.

  • That you so much like literaly reading stuff like makes me feel much better like about a hour ago i went outside and i felt my heart was going to speed really fast i usually have musle tension like i cant relax and shakyness and i have to get use to going outside because i feel like am only safe at home

  • Your feeling nervous and shaky right? Any dizziness or brain fog?

  • yeah like my vision sometimes looks wierd like blurry a little sometimes and be feeling like jumpy

  • Do your best and try to ignore it and get your mind on something else

  • Thanks hopefully this goes away soon 💯🙌🏻

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