Once again

So today i decided to go to the mall you know get some fresh air go shopping soo i was walking around alot and i felt very dizzy and like so weak and like a wierd feeling on my body like i was going to faint or something and shortness of breath i had to leave right away i was trying to control my self but am just tierd of it like am just trying to have my regular life back am afraid of something happening to me am very young still am only 20 years old i been like this for three months already all the docters can say your heart is fine and blood work normal that i have anxiety disorder i guess But this feels like its never gonna end or i mean go away 😩😩


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8 Replies

  • I understand how you feel.

  • Yeah am tierd of this

  • One of my least favorite symptoms 😢

  • Yeah idk am tryna get better ever sense was smoking weed three months ago never changed bsck to mh normal life

  • Never quit the fight. You are very young. You will find the way to control yourself. As many say everything is in our minds but we do not know how to regulate them! But let's hope that we'll find the way.

  • Yeah you right 👌💯

  • Mate, tell me about it I've been exactly the same for 8 months.

    Same thing happened to me at the shops.I feel helpless as it's not something I can control.Ive had every test under the sun but am still convinced I am sick and the doctors have missed something.Ive had anti depressants with no luck and have seen a psychologist which in my opinion was a total waste of time.mu symptoms are constantly dizzy, constantly short of breath,very weak and shaky muscles,funny feeling in my chest and throats and irritable stomach.My life was great and now it absolutely sucks.

  • Yeah mines is always headaches dizzy chet pains shaky feeling like body sore sometimes legs arms hurting shortness of breath aswell like while am sleeping i have get up lost of time because i feel like i running out of air or something so i wake up scared and breath in and out

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