Feeling not with it ...again

Hi everyone! Just joined and really need some help please!! So..... Background is 8 years ago after birth of first child started feeling not with it faint shakey all those nasty things and basically like was going to die 😥Had tests done on heart , full bloods etc nothing was found so was basically told was anxiety , so I started therapy , felt a lot better after the therapy Abd would say was 95 percent there , since then I have good periods then terrible periods like having at the moment, I feel like I'm doing everything I can ( except meds as don't want to go on them if can help it) but I still get awful symptoms ! Some days I feel so well and others I wake up just feeling ill, I get headaches almost daily, I've had a ct scan and Mri ( all clear) at the moment I have had a headache most of day fir nearly 2 weeks and now the foggy head is there too ( I hate this!) I feel like I'm spaced out and not with it and like I need an injection or something to wake up and be with it, feel also like if I'm talking my words are slow or something, so weird, I am so scared this isn't anxiety and something has been missed and I'm treating it as anxiety but really I'm ill, i feel like I'm only anxious about feeling ill! Please can anyone relate or help , I have read about derealisation but I feel more foggy and not with it then in a dream ?? Sorry for long post feeling very frightened xxx


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12 Replies

  • Hello,

    All that you are going through , I've been through, it is anxiety .... your brain doesn't want to accept that it is anxiety so you keep focusing on "what could be" or the "what ifs" and then when you worry so much and you want the frightened feeling to go away so desperately , you become stressed! And that's where you're body tenses up and then you feel your headache!

    Right now do a body check, are you tense? Relax your shoulders....

    I believe what you're going through is just anxiety but it's scaring the heck outta you!

    Since you are opposed to medicine . Some great books that helped me through it was "the worry trick" and Claire weekes audios....

    You can message me too if you like :)

    Things will get better

  • Thanks so much for replying! Yes I feel awful at the moment and I do worry all the time about what it could be? How do I feel better etc etc! It's like I'm constantly trying to find a way out of this hell 😥

  • You're welcome !! The only way out this hell is through it! I've had very goood weeks , and like you I didn't want to take medicine .... but I had to... this morning is a tad bit hard for me... with anxiety ... but in breathing through it and allowing it just to pass and to not believe any of the negative talk.... and also remembering it will pass and get better !

  • I get the foggy head and headaches every single day too. I believe my anxiety got worse after children and the fear of dying. My kids are 19 and 12. I'm always feeling like I'm going to drop dead at any minute. I too do not want to take meds. I actually ordered a book that someone recommended on here. It was shipped but haven't gotten it yet. I find exercise helps me. I am hoping this book will too. Have you went back to your therapist? Since that was helping? I'm sure it's anxiety too. But I totally know how you feel. It's the worst! I hope it's gets better for us both!

  • Thanks both! So hard isn't it , I just try to get on with it but when it's bad it's so hard and I resort Back to my thinking the doc has got it wrong , I have some rare disease they haven't tested me for etc etc, I'm trying to remember I've been here before, sending you both positive thoughts and thanks for taking time to reply, now I just need to try get through a party this evening 😩😩

  • Mine started while I was pregnant with my first child and still almost three years later is with me everyday. I feel dizzy lightheaded 24:7.

  • My foggy head & headaches, I've discovered, are from neck issues. More precisely, suboccipital tension. I get visual disturbances with it, too. Like my vision is about to go double or is just not right. You can google ways to relax the muscles in that area. Hope this helps, as I've had the same issues for some time. Health anxiety stinks! Good luck.

  • Thankyou ! How did you get this diagnosed? Do your symptoms Come and go with this ? X

  • I was getting a lot of "silent migraines", which are a blind spot in my vision followed by an arch of colored, flashing lights in my vision. It goes away after 20 mins and I don't get the headache (thank god). I told the eye dr., and he had an opthamologist look at me. He diagnosed occipital migraine and asked if my vision is weird sometimes and if my neck gets stiff. I accused him of being the Long Island Medium (LOL) and he told me to go to physical therapy. I did that and it worked well. When I flake on the neck stretches, it flares up immediately.

    Hope this helps!

  • I'm actually going to physical therapy for the same thing right now! Nice to know that it's helped! I'm really trying to get rid of the beck pain and foggy/dizzy crap!

  • Good luck, Slaymate! I hope it works for you.

  • I can relate in the faint shakey feelings I get a weird light headed feeling too :(

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