Here we go again

Here we go again

I'm so sick of feeling anxious and worrying all the time. Right now I'm convinced that one remark I made to a friend about one of my colleagues is going to be passed on to her and that I'll lose my job. I never discuss other people because I'm afraid this very thing happening and I'm spending all my time either trying to convince myself this will not happen or how I will cope when I am confronted. One way or another this will pass then I will go on to worrying about my health. I've been to CBT and I'm trying to use the techniques but sometimes the anxiety just gets too high. I've done this so often before and I tell myself this but then I'm afraid to be complacent in case this is the time when the worry is justified. I can't go on like this. If anyone can help please.


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  • Hi there,

    If she is your friend she will not pass it on, if it does get passed on, what's the worst that can happen? You will be fine I'm sure. Xxxx

  • This won't help except to let you know you are not alone. I go from one worry onto the next, you summed it up with "not wanting to be complacent". And I've had CBT. Maybe someone can shed some light? X

  • Thank you so much, it does help to know. I've just told to my husband about what I'm going through just now. He knows I go through this but I try to keep it to myself because it sounds ridiculous to say it out loud, everything's worst case scenario. Am glad I found this site and thank you for taking the time to answer.

  • Me too exactly the same. When no worries revert back to my health worries! X

  • I was glad to read your post too, I totally understood what you meant and about keeping it to yourself - I have been worrying in the last few days about appointments over the coming months, it means there is little free time/ enjoyment. X

  • Isn't it so debilitating. I seem to become more anxious when things are going well in my life and they are at the moment, good things are happening and I can't enjoy them because I'm waiting for it all to go wrong whether its because of the thing I'm worrying about at the moment or because I worry that I'm unwell with some terrible condition. I think the worst of it is that we are so aware but feel helpless to change this horrible feeling x

  • Try not to let this worry you whatever has been done has been and can not be undone. If you feel very strongly and it is worrying you maybe you could talk to the person you first talked to and explain you weren't thinking straight about what you said and if it does get passed on you can do the same to the next person. We all say things we regret saying sometimes but often the less we worry about it the less it will affect us and everyone else involved. An apology if necessary is a possibility and sometimes you'd be surprised how well people will respond to apologies especially if you explain you weren't feeling well at the time. I'm sure you are catastrophising about the situation and it is a much larger problem in your mind than it is in the outside world. Hope you start to see it as a much smallerr worry as time goes on x

  • Thank you so much. You are absolutely right about me catastrophising. I'm not even sure about the remark I made, I'm thinking that I might have said something worse than I did. I spoke with my friend and she assured me there was no need to worry, that she had not passed anything I said and anyway I didn't say anything!.

    I'm being entirely irrational and can't seem to convince myself that all will be ok but that's anxiety for you.

    I really appreciate your taking the time to reply and glad you understand. Thank you

  • I'm pleased you asked the person and settled your mind about the situation. I'm sure a lot of us on here have done very similar things and allowed them to run out of control in our minds. Sometimes we just need to get of the train that is our thoughts x

  • Thats the perfect way to put it....the train that is our thoughts x

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