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Feeling worried again:(

Been having a really crap week chest pains still ongoing but trying to hang on in there then last night went to bed and really scared me again dont know how to explain it it felt like i was on drugs it really felt as though it wasnt me and like i was haluscinating or something i didnt feel like i was in my own body and could here my heart beat but yet felt as though their was no air to breath i feel so scared now to go back to bed and can see it going back to sofa it really has freaked me out and felt as though my mind is telling me i am going mad it wasnt like a panic attack which i had a few this was just so weird guys help :( xxx

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I have had what you describe before & I no mine is severe anxiety , it is frightening , but you are not going mad

Replied to your message hun





Hi Sheffield,

It's horrible, love. What yr describing still sounds like panic though. Everything is just so magnified at night and the more tired you become the more unreal and disturbing you find it. I don't really have panic attacks during the day but get a lot at night if I'm over stretched and overvtired. It's the worst thing because you're just too tired to deal with it.

Don't know if this helps but you're not on yr own with


Hi hun - so sorry you felt so awful, and as Lizard says, everything seems worse at night. What you describe as "no air to breath" sounds like hyperventilating - I know it sounds topsy turvy, but you're probably actually breathing in TOO MUCH air -oxygen - this decreases the carbon dioxide in your blood, leading to a lot of the weird feelings - tingling, palpitations, muscle cramps, light headedness, etc: One trick is to hold a paper (NOT a plastic lol) bag over your nose and mouth and breathe in and out into that, inflating it like a balloon - this rebalances the carbon dioxide in your blood. You do have to do it for a while - and if you can't stand the paper bag over your mouth etc, just cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe like that. The other way is to breathe out SLOWLY - purse your lips and breathe out as if you were whistling, or blowing on a cup of tea to cool it. Some people advocate humming - never tried it, but worth a try!

Sorry, not sure I've explained it very well :(

Lots of love, hun, hope this helps




Hi guys thankyou for your support still worrying it just feels so bloody strange i dont even know how to explain properly how weird is that getting slightly into depressed mode and feel like their is no end to this anxiety anxiety why doesnt it just piss right off and leave all us lovely people alone sorry guys for the words but am stressed to max and want to feel better now had enough and feel for you who have suffered years its months to me and already feel like everyday is one big hurdle and when i have cleared that along comes another one even bigger than the one before but thank you all your such lovely people whywhy lizard and rose petal your like my closest friends even though we havent met i feel i can connect to you all love you :) xxxxxxx


Dear Sheffield,

I am sorry to read that you are having a tough time at the moment.

On an NHS website(panic disorder)i it describes a symptom called 'depersonalisation' which means as it reads in the article 'During a panic may feel detached from the situation, from your body and from your surroundings. It can almost feel as if you are an observer, making the situation seem very unreal'.

I am unsure whether this is what you have experienced. Your GP is the best person to ask if you are unsure.

warmest regards,

Marcus xxx


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