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I give up after a good morning


Got this really weird feeling inside right now, it’s quite a scary feeling inside that won’t go away, I don’t feel like me a bit unreal? It’s not like an anxiety attack just very strange. I’m trying to deal with it but I really don’t like it at all. Can Anyone relate? It’s scaring me. My body feels very hot inside like my bloods all hot or something?

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You can get these feelings ofvl derealulisation or depersonalisation

( spelling?)

I've felt this at times quite frightening, but I can't quite explain it to you.

Unfortunately Sam you gotta ride with it.

I had a bad night last night, woke at one with burning shoulders and back and pains in my stomach, had to take a diazepam to calm down. So cross as I had two really good days, but cis I felt good I went berserk working in the garden and I think I over done it.

Like you I just want to be me again.

Thinking of you xx

Laniben in reply to Funkyfaerie

Thank you Jen, I’ve not experienced that unreality before, yes it is frightening, I don’t like it at all. I’m Sorry you had a bad night too. Maybe Ive done too much the last couple of days as well trying to go out a lot i don’t know. Yes I’d felt good as well before this

Hope you’re feeling better now xx

I get hot when my anxiety is really bad. Try going for a power walk as you may have loads of adrenaline pumping through you.

I feel better after 10-15 mins

Laniben in reply to Jaxs050783

Thank you,

I’ve done a lot of walking today feeling a bit drained at the moment, I might walk round the corner in a little bit

Funkyfaerie in reply to Laniben

Can you not get stuck into a movie...

Laniben in reply to Funkyfaerie

I’ll try, movies don’t often work for me I don’t know why, I think If I was watching it with someone it might be different xx

Pearl67 in reply to Laniben

Me either!!!! Do you have a breathing app? Or google “square breathing.” Do you have lavender oil? Breathing that may help! Massage into you feet as well.

Are you hydrated? Good diet? Blood sugars good?

Most likely stupid anxiety. Brest

Laniben in reply to Pearl67

Yes I’m hydrated ok etc

Just one of

Those days I think. I have lavender oil yes.

Thank you

Jaxs050783 in reply to Laniben

You really want to get your heart rate up for a good 10mins!

Laniben in reply to Jaxs050783

I can give it a go x

That's a good point!

Elfje in reply to Jaxs050783

Yep have the same now walking on adrenaline ye whe have the vote in Belgium

Huge f ... Stress

Depersonalisation, sorry for spelling,

Try drinking a glass of water

Swallow, to hear a crack in the ears

Try holding your nose and breath through it at the same time.

Above may work, they used to work for me

Good Luck


Laniben in reply to borderriever

Thank you

Elfje in reply to Laniben

Ice cold whater bring you back in here and now this help also



This post was awhile ago I hope you're feeling better! I'm not sure if this is similar to what I felt before which was just the sort of Doom and Gloom feeling that I get the pit of my stomach and feel like something horrible is going to happen and it just comes out of nowhere sometimes I have it for days sometimes I have it for hours and then it goes away. And it's just a real unsettling feeling. And yeah I don't quite feel like myself like I usually do. It is a weird feeling and I don't like it at all not sure if it's the same thing I hope you're over it now

Try taking a cold shower. Start with cool water then slowly lower the temperature until it gets so cold you can barely stand it. Just a couple minutes of this will sometimes snap me out of a bad feeling or mindset.


I think its adrenalin that hot feeling i get that ,like a warm fizzy feeling its horrible,try relaxing though it will go away 😘

Laniben in reply to Hidden

Thank you.

Yes it was a very weird feeling that welled all up the upper part of my body. Was scary xx

Hidden in reply to Laniben

I hate it,i also am obsessed with wether i feel dizzy ot not!its rediculous 😥

Keeshdoe in reply to Hidden

Me too.. that’s such a hassle!

Yes been there! The best thing to bring you back down and i say down because it does feel sort of like floating doesn’t it? Is to use cold water.. really cold water. Letting it run over your wrists or using ice cubes on your wrists will help but the best is a shower and i think it’s because in a shoes your body naturist gonna react and feel all that cold water forcing you to pay attention to it taking your mind of the feeling.. it’s called grounding yourself you just need to remind your brain that you really are here, try looking around foucusing on all the different things you can hear see smell taste thinks bout the smallest little details about them. You will come back down. I think we are familiar with that here.. i hope you are doing better, and if not you will 😊😊😊

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