Need ladies opinion

HI I was wondering if any lady who is on citropram or been on citropram while on the contraceptive pill as I suffer from PCOS n I have heard that the contraceptive pill can some times balance the monthly n weight so just wanted to know if u can have both together as they will be taken roughly same time will be speaking to my go when I go see her in a few weeks


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  • hey this is probably not related but i had to stop taking citropram because it made my anxiety 10 times worse

  • Thanks for reply mau I ask what you are on now as I've been advised to take ES citalopram but been putting it off

  • im not actually on anything at the moment we are just being extra careful while I'm still dealing with my anxiety

  • Good luck with it all as I couldn't come off mine atm tbh

  • I'm not on birth control but take citalopram ( for anxiety). I was very worried about taking it to begin with, being I looked it up before taking it. I finally decided I would give it a try and I am glad I did. The only side effect that really bothered me was being tired every morning. I am getting past that. And I did have a little more anxiety, which I spoke to the doctor about and she game me another prescription to help with it til the citalopram kicked in. I've only been on it about 3 weeks but I am noticing a difference in my anxiety and my moods are a little more happy! My kids even notice a change in me. Try it, and stick it out for a month, you never know, it may help. Sorry I couldn't give any insight of taking it with the birth control pill!

  • Thanks for the reply I have been on citropram for over about two year on and off it does kinda work for me but my head feels empty still get more anxious and don't feel like me more of a zombie tbh I am just going to try es-citalopram because I've been putting it of too long as I really wnat to do my driving test n me me again

  • I guess I haven't heard of the es-citalopram. How does it differ from the other? I ave never been one to take anything on a daily basis but I really got tired of always being anxious and never wanting to do anything, so I decided what the heck. I am glad I did. I am normally a very social person and I am slowly getting back there.

  • I wish I was don't get me wrong I gp town but that's bout it I use to hate staying in es-citropram has a couple of side effects it does the same as citropram just less side effects

  • oh I read all the horror stories on line about taking it and I got too scared to start it. I know better than that!! I thought I could do it without any help and it just wasn't getting any better for me. I talked myself into at least trying and did so and now I'm glad I did, as I didn't have hardly any side effects it seems, or at least not like I read!

  • That's me tbh I always look at the bad in everything these days hubby takes all leaflets that comes with all medication lol

  • I think I am going to tell mine to start! When she gave me hydroxyzine to help with the citalopram, I wouldn't let myself look it up or read the info with it so I couldn't talk myself out of taking it!

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