Feeling hot all time

Hi I was wondering if anyone is on citropram and feeling hot all time no matter how cold it is outside as I'm experienceing that had bloods done everything is fine as everything got checked my liver kidenys hormones the lot n all ok I am on citropram may be changing them to see if it is them does anyone else have this any info would be great


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12 Replies

  • Hi Iam on 20mg citropram have been for a while now and I get hot sweats and ive also noticed my armpits do to but apart from that I've had no other side effects

  • Thanks for your reply I'm on 10mg have been for a while now with me it's not case of just sweats my body's always hot even in the freezing weather n I feel like I'm zoned out as well

  • I was taking mine in the morning but made me feel so tired I take them just before bedtime so they help me sleep! I was on them for a few years and they changed me to some new ones which didn't suit me had some bad side effects so went back on citropram

  • Mine don't make me tired any more when first started over a year ago they did but now they don't I may be getting put on ES citalopram

  • Wots Es citropram I do sometimes get the feeling as if Iam not here it's weird

  • My gp said it's like citalopram but less side effects

  • Oh rite! Never heard of them

  • I didn't know about them either but if it's less side effects may be good lol

  • Hi heather27, What you are most likely experiencing is caused by the medication as well as anxiety. I use to feel very hot as well as have hot sweats that was known as "stress sweat". Once your body is back in balance, it should lessen.

  • Thanks for reply what do you mean when my body is back in balance ?

  • Once anxiety no longer controls you and your stress levels come down

    you will no longer feel hot (unless by weather or fever) nor will you have

    the stress sweat. You'll know because stress sweat as an odor of it's own.

    Everything will go back to normal. x

  • Oh ok thanks

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