Hi not sure how to put this properly but here goes I am on citropram have been for a while for anxiety the thing is I am not recalling saying things but my husband tells me what I say now at first I thought he was screwing with me to make me feel like my memory is going STUPID I KNOW he wouldn't do that to me I don't think but I don't understand why I don't recall what I say in the same day like I said something in the morning and by evening I don't recall it anything i said wonder if I'm having a but of memory loss there tbh has any one else had this

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  • Yes ido though I'm on sertraline. I was advised that it is an element of the anxiety. Once you said it its dealt with and gone.

  • How long did u have it I've had it a couple weeks like this

  • A few months. It was worse at the start as my anxiety reduces my memory is better. I tend to write things down so not to worry about forgetting.

  • When I first started these ages ago my memory was fine but after taking them for months n months its getting worse

  • Plus I'd have to literally write every word that comes out my mouth down that's how bad it's got :(

  • Have you told your gp or other professional involved in your mental health care. I shared it with a councillor who helped me rationalise it.

  • I see my phycologist in 2 weeks n my GP in a month

  • Hopefully they can help. Do you have a healthy relationship with them

  • I see my pheripist more then my GP as it's hard to get an appointment with them

  • I have the same problem. 3rd day on Sertraline and I am so confused and my memory is horrible

  • I was ok when I first started them just got worse over time

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