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Guys I need your opinion please!

Okay I have anxiety, lately a lot of health anxiety. I have had shortness of breath for months and when blood tests were normal I was told I have anxiety. However, I still feel short of breath, am seeing a therapist, and even when I am not anxious I feel short of breath!!! It pretty much starts around the afternoon and gwts worse as the day goes but still pretty much have it all the time. I am also tired all the time. However I may also have acid reflux and recently it has gotten so bad that I am bloated all the time, chest pressure, heart burn, and short of breath! Like all day recently I've felt my bloated stomach and idk if that causes shortness of breath. Is acid reflux causing this or anxiety? (I felt short if breath even before I had this serious acid reflux, but I always kinda had stomach problems). But guys, is it possible I have asthma? I am 17 & ik it can be discovered at any time but doesn't it usually get diagnosed as a kid? For months I have had a kinda congested nose and excess mucus in the throat feeling but ik it could be acid reflux going to the sinuses? Or maybe allergies but I took claritin for 4 days didn't see a difference. Plus guys for almost 2 months I've been waking up from my sleep gasping for air. This could be from acid reflux, but once again my "anxiety"/acid symptoms are similar to asthma. What do you guys think?

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Hmm, it could be asthma, but to be honest, it's best to talk with your doctor and to see if they can verify that first an foremost, although perhaps they already said that it was not. In any event, they are going to be the most qualified person to be able to do whatever tests are necessary to figure out the problem. If you aren't satisfied with the results, you may want to see if you can speak with a respiratory specialist or someone with extensive knowledge of your specific situation. Best of luck and hopefully you can get to the root of the problem!! Keep up with the therapy as well, just in case it is only anxiety :-)


Ugh it is visit after visit and it seems like I don't het better. Plus I feel like I go so much my doctor automatically assumes anxiety :/ I hope she is right


Do you trust your doctor that they know what he or she is doing? If so, then odds are it's just all due to the manifestations of your anxiety, which when treated, should start clearing up your symptoms. Hoping you find some resolution or clarity soon. :-)


What do I think? I think for a young lovely teen woman you are thinking too much about the wrong things and maybe asking the wrong people. lol

I think you have anxiety, you have been diagnosed with anxiety, I also think all the symptoms of your numerous health concerns are the "costumes" your anxiety is wearing to distract you.

When you next see your therapist, you need to show her a copy of tonight's post to read. Ask her for her opinion and if any of your concerns are related or are all of them simply the uncomfortable "clothing" your anxiety is wearing to disguise itself. Ask for ways you can work on removing the "clothing" so you could concentrate on removing that naked anxiety from your life.

In the mean while, I would suggest you get a notebook and on a separate page for each day, enter the time you eat anything, what was it, and how were you feeling. If you take a medication, even aspirin, write the time and how you were feeling. Every time you have a new or different health concern, write the time and how you felt, and when you stop noticing it.

Do this every day until you see your therapist. Keep the notebook and pen in an easy place to use, and take it with you when you out of the house so you don't forget you had lunch and the time of a mixed drink and the time and how you felt.

Put the day of the week and date at the top of the page

Write the time on the left side of the page. Write one sentence in 8 words or less how you feel. (period) Write one sentence in 8 words or less where you are. (Period) Write one sentence in 8 words or less describe what's going on around you. If you eat something, write one sentence in 8 words or less tell what you ate or drink. Write in one sentence in 8 words or less what pain you have, for how long, and what you are doing.......You get the drift of what I mean.

I have done this for years. After a few weeks, you can see what good things are working, how often a pain or breathing issue happens and for how long.

And saves a lot of time if you print or write clearly or draft on your phone and print it...or if you have a computer to make your entrees.

Your therapist will be able to read quickly over your diary and get an idea of what's happening with you by reading your diary for less than 5 minutes. If you tried to explain talking what has happened, that may take up your entire session. Bummer.

I used this when I was a therapist as "homework" for my clients. I could read through the client's diary, but that left us more time to really talk and work on the key reasons a client has anxiety.

But does this make sense to you? Let me know if you have any questions.

You tend to have a lot of information mixed in with other things when you post. That can make it difficult to determine what you are really trying to say or ask us. I have you keep sentences to 8 words to make you think clearly and write the important parts.

I'm trying to help you shape your writing into a lean, mean, communicating machine.

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Well I mean it kinda happens all the time and it gets physically exhausting that's why I get anxious :/ is it possible to feel that way even and have it be anxiety even when I don't even feel anxious? Just worried I might be told it is anxiety and it is something physical, sigh


Sorry, be I guess I am a bit slow....are you see blood or not in your urine? And what is so exhausting?


I had a blood and urine test around April. The shortness of breath, not being able to sleep and stomach issues make me physically tired :/ I feel like it is impacting my quality of life


Just looked quickly at your pos first thing came to my mind was mold,I don't think you have to have an allergy for a mold problem to cause symptoms, any water leaks or moisture problem in living areas can cause this and some are sensitive to certain forms.


Hmm I don't think I have mold, if I did wouldn't others be affected in my house too?


True, depends if it's in your sleeping area.

Sometimes my imagination works overtime. To,

K --- 7


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