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Health anxiety struggle


So I'm getting to the point I'm just tired of this health anxiety ruining my life..every single day for six months I've been having symptoms that in my mind I think are heart issues brain damage or thyroid problems why does it hurt so bad in the left side of my chest if it's just anxiety I'm really worried but I'm hoping if it was anything serious the doctors would have found that by now right? I'm in a mist of struggling I feel like sometimes it's just it I'm over I'm done for. How is this in my head someone please explain to me how this is my mind because the pains and symptoms get so intense I'm scared but I keep my faith I keep fighting I need to convince myself that this is just anxiety and I do take medicine zoloft and klonopin I'm about to start therapy unfortunately I was on a waiting list for it and finally got the call to start . I feel bad for all of you dealing with this terrible thing it's a demon and it takes over lives . I'm 19 and I've been suffering to the point where I have to know where I'm at in case I need to call 911 which I keep my phone on all day because I feel like I'm just going to drop down this anxiety is got to be the worst kind there is. To have to worry so much. I don't even trust doctors anymore ik that's what I need to do but it's hard because symptoms that lasts this long non stop 24 /7 just doesn't seem normal I thought about admitting myself to hospital. All I think about is shielding myself from death because that's how it feels like om dying I'm afraid to sleep and being tired makes it worse when I lay down I feel and hear my heart pounding in my chest when I walk up stairs or run my heart hurts and pounds..anyone know a little more about health anxiety and symptoms how long does it last will I ever feel normal and happy? I want my life back guys

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Hi jozelynkelly01 you will get better but you have to accept all the anxiety symptoms racing heart pains etc etc.the more you worry about every new symptom the more you feed your anxiety.I know its difficult but if your doctor has told you its anxiety trust them.have you asked for and medication ? To help you with the anxiety ? We all need some help when the anxiety is in

Anxiety is interf

Interfering with sleeping ,eating etc ,sorry my phone kept cutting out hope you get the help you need and are soon feeling better.

Yes and it's been very hard I have Zoloft and klonopin I'm just really having a hard time accepting pain is in my head when it feels so real. Thank you for your support

I am right there with you. When you are anxious you are more sensitive to simple pains and things, then you focus on it. Ot realizing it causes more anxiety. Once the adrenaline leaves, it doea take a while but it will go away but the key is to exercise it out, make that energy produced productive so it doesn't stay

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