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Sleep Anxiety

I've suffered from severe anxiety for about 4 years now (I'm 19). It has tried ruining my life! It was the reason why I left public high school. Anyways I'm on setraline have been for almost 3 years. The past 3 nights everytime I close my eyes and feel myself drifting off a wave of I don't know if it's anxiety or what wakes me. It's like a dizzy passing out feeling. And then I'll open my eyes and sit up and I get this bursts of it as well as an unreal feeling like I'm not alive or I'm going to die. I know it sounds crazy. Also me being the hypochondriac I am I start thinking I'm going to pass out and die or I'm having a heart attack or I have a brain tumor or cancer or something. It sucks!!! Especially being so young and seeing all my friends living a normal life starting college. If anyone has felt like this or has any advice let me know. Thanks!!! :)

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Hi TuckerWills, I'm sorry you have had a tough time with anxiety starting at such a young age. Having a sleep anxiety can be explained. It's the lost of control that is making you afraid. When sleep comes over us, our mind and body try to go into a deep relaxation mode. Because of our anxiousness, as soon as our mind senses that we are drifting off to sleep, our nervous system mistakenly senses this as danger and wakes us up suddenly. Since we are in the throws of having fallen asleep it explains that unreal feeling, a feeling like you are going to pass out. All your fears of the day come forward which just adds to your anxiety. Are you on any meds or getting therapy. There are forms of relaxation techniques that are on YouTube that you could listen to. You might even try listening to one on Sleep Anxiety for some positive pointers. I wish you well.


I couldn't have said it better myself. TuckerWilla, exactly what Agora1 said! Blessings to you

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Hi there sorry to read your having trouble. I find that when I am over anxious or highly sensitised it's impossible to dropoff to sleep. Please be assured you are not going crazy and all your Symptoms are explained away as anxiety! I have found a great YouTube channel, yoga with Brett Larkin. It's great for calming the mind and refocusing breathing, please give it a go. I too have spent way to many nights in a worry cycle but found having an action plan, such as yoga really helpful. Interestingly, I have also tried, hypnosis (not for me), acupuncture (very relaxing), cbt (the thing to try), valerian tea (no), well you name it I have tried it! Rest your thoughts you will get better, calm thoughts and hugsxxxxx


Ano how u fell a get scared to sleep in case a die thats in my mind 24/7 also got the shakys fell out off breath tired all the time but scared to sleep even get pankiny of going out our doing anything but am pushing ma self to do it its hard a have had it w times but came back just trying to let the thoughts be as doctor said try take your mind off it but its hard


Hello Tucker, I know exactly how you feel, and over time it does get better.. I have a hard time in public places, I have been out of work for 3 years because of my situation, I basically only go to doctor's appointments. I take Lexapro and Valium at times. I have vertigo, severe vertigo. I feel like im going to pass out a lot of times, and as if my head is leaving my body. Sometimes I can't sleep in my bed, it makes me worse, so I have to sleep in my recliner. However, I take organic multi vitamins, B complex vitamins, amino acids, and Magnesium, and vitamin d3, and I do feel better than before, thank God, but it took me a while after taking these supplements to get better. I suggest you research your symptoms to see what nutrient are nutrients deficiency causes these symptoms. You will get better. I repeat to myself everday, I am healed,and everything else I want to be able to do, like shopping, going out to eat, going to the movies, etc... God bless you


Quick update: I have been up for 24+ hours straight. Last night my mind just wouldn't let me fall asleep. I don't know what's going on. This is the scariest feeling I've ever had. I've felt unreal and out of it all day now and I just laid down to try to get some sleep and again my mind won't let me sleep. I've tried everything. I have natural sleep aids, i haven't had any caffeine today. I thought it was just my anxiety but now I'm really feeling like something is wrong with me. I really can't make it another night without sleep. My body is tired my mind and anxiety just won't let me sleep. Please help!!!


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