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I feel like I'm in a dream and almost feel like there's loud voices in my head, they don't say anything in particular it's just muddled up angry loud nonsense, I get it a lot when I feel overwhelmed or if I'm performing a task that I may find boring like laundry or cleaning. It triggers massive panic attacks and because I have severe health anxiety I really just want somebody to talk to, I don't want any "well it could be this" as I'll panic :( anybody out there? 💙

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Ooooo no are you okay ? Told you am hear give me a message anytime don't like to hear that your feeling down xx


It's horrible pet, I'm so low this evening, I'm in massive amounts of pain and I'm just stressed beyond belief, how are you?

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What's up Hun tell me ? I'm fine thanks x


I have fibromyalgia so I often get periods where I get quite a lot of pain but sometimes my anxiety panics about it yeno? So I'm trying to just keep calm but then on top of that each time I walk around I hear voices screaming nonsense at me which also makes me panic, I just want to hide away :(


You are not alone everybody has anxiety. Some people don't care and some do. Tell your self you have something that other don't have :) .


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