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Really anxious

I'm feeling really anxious, sweating panic attack. I just can't seem to not think of anything else but the way it's making me feel at the moment. I'm in tears of cause I'm going to have hot flushes and feel crappy and have palpitations and the shakes. That's the shit anxiety does to us. I'm also thinking about wat if my blood pressure goes up but it does abit in a panic attack anyway. Doctors and wtf have told me that. I tried to just let it be and carry on knitting untill I cudnt bare it no more and flung that across the room. I just feel like shit now really do. I'm trying to think back to moodgym as I still do it, thinking wat I wrote. The only thing that comes to mind is wats the worst it can do. I think I've just worked myself in to a state thou the day untill I've finally panicked myself into a panic attack. OH popped out be about another hour, dogs am barking and sons moaning. I'm irrated by everything at moment.

I've carmed myself down abit writing on here, hope I totally carm down now so I can relax and stop feeling anxious xxx

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I hope that you are ok now.

Although they are very frightening, it's as you say,what's the worst it can do and it's not going to kill you.

I always had to go for a walk when I got them as I found it so hard to relax.... even if it's around the house.

Deep breathing can also calm down.

Anyway, do hope it has passed, Julie xx


Hi Donaf

I think everything seems to be getting on top of you at the moment

The little scare earlier on wont have helped either

Remember you are pregnant & your hormones will be all over the place & you need to rest when ever you can & I hope you have managed to :-)

Hope you are feeling a bit better now :-)





Hi Donaf,

I hope you've calmed down a bit now and the OH is back.

Take care xx


Dear Donaf,

I am sorry to read that you are struggling at the moment.


Marcus xxx


Thanks everyone, I'm just really down now and I'm in bed already. Not that I'm tired just feeling fed up. My harmones defiantly don't help at the moment. I have worked myself up all day and still am :-( y is it we get one thing and in our minds it's telling us it's the worst and we just panic. Don't think I will be able to relax untill it's all ok down there xxx


hi donaf, please have a lovely sleep and wake up calm and relaxed. thinking of you. jasper. xx


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