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Abit anxious

I got that thing with my throat where it feels like theres sumthing there. I haven't had it for a while but I know its to do with my nerves. I felt abit anxious most the day but I think its cuz of the panic I had early this morning playing on my mind. Think when u have panic in the night, the following night it worrys u incase it comes back. Or is that just me? Its just that horrible anxiety cycle. I'm sitting here worryed incase it comes back like last year, it scares me. Its scares us all thou so I'm not alone. I know that there's people on here that have bad nights every night, and a few that had a bad night last night. I did have bad nights every night before, but I overcome it. I don't want to go back to dreading the night times cumming, because of this anxiety. All this worry because of last night! I know how well I've been doing lately. U know what fuck u anxiety, ur just a feeling and I ay letting u bring me down again u shit. No way, sitting here thinking this and that could happen to me! Its getting under my skin again but I'm not going to let it. Thinking of it none stop and building the fear up for it...no no no I except it as a part of me but I'm not going to let it rule me again. It can be with me if it wants as anxiety ur just a feeling. (Abit of a turn around there) cuz ias I wrote that I've been doing good lately it made me realise that its because i do get on with it and haven't let it bother (too much anyway). Hope ur all well xxx

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Hi donaf

I no how you feel , its feels like its trying to creep in , but you no what you wont let it ;)

Thinking about you hun & hope you get a goos night , have you still got your little notes next to your bed ? keep looking at them





Dont forget there is always Roses garden , think a few of us pop in there , infact think Rose is in there , she likes Minnies blankets , dont no if she has finished that large hut so we can all move in ;)



Hi Donaf,

Yes, I get that. You have one episode and then the thoughts of it hang around for ages. You're doing really well with the self talk. Persevere ~ it really does work. It just takes a while as the anxiety can talk back!!!

Play your music, even the radio, just to distract yourself. It will go away.

Hope you get to sleep soon.




Dear Donaf,

I hope that you have a good night.

Kindest regards,



Don't worry about the "lump"in your throat,it WILL go away ,I had it for a long while,it is called Globus,it is really nothing,can be caused by anxiety,bereavement,anything like that,I had mine checked out at hospital with the camera that goes down your throat and as I said nothing there,I just had to accept it was there,it eventually went away(wish the anxiety had went with it)


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