Throat problems

Hi I'm female 28 years old for about a year and half now I've been having a feeling of my throat is closing and it makes me have panic attacks, I also get a lump feeling in my throat now and again but not all the time, i feel scared all the time, I hate being on my own or going places on my own I Panic, I've stopped going out with friends because I'm scared, and panic at night time a lot, I have no idea why I'm feeling this way, I just don't want to be here anymore sometimes and I have 3 amazing children who need me to be at my best but i just feel so low just want it to go away but feel like there is no way out 😢 any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Have you seen a doctor?

  • No I'm too scared

  • It sounds like anxiety but you should go get a check up just to put your mind at ease.

    The doctors are there for you.

  • I know I need to go to the doctors for my kids sake more than anythin, I need to get better for them.

  • Go do it then.

  • I'm going to make myself an appointment this week thank you.

  • Good, tell me how it goes. ☺

  • I will thank you for talking to me 😊

  • You are welcome. ☺

  • It will ease your mind some hopefully by doing that . I've had that feeling for awhile, and I'm being scoped , it'll put my mind at ease too

  • Yes i think it will, it's not a nice feeling at all, I can't remember the last time I felt normal and happy 😢

  • I say that daily. One day at a time , we will be ourselves or at least a

    More improved self than we are now if that makes any sense

  • I suffer from the same throat sensations. Have for years it's a pain in the ass. It's just a physical manifestation of stress and anxiety, it can't hurt you. It can definitely give me panic attacks even after all these years. I find having cough drops on me all the time is helpful. The sucking and swallowing soothe it a bit. You are love and you are great!

  • Hi! It defiantly is a pain just want to feel normal again, i was cheated on in 2015 by the father of 2 of my children he had an 8 month affair then he left me I lost everything, then I got back with him last year a lot has happend since then so i don't know if that's the cause of me feeling like this, i hate him going any where without me, I hate him being on his phone because I'm just thinking is he talking to her same as if he goes out without me is he with her, also i no longer feel good enogh for him i feel worthless 😢

  • Definetly can relate! Without going into detail you should do couple therapy often if your not already.

  • Hello I know exactly what you're going threw you can message me and we can talk privately

  • Hi! It's not a nice thing to live with is it? I'm really struggling atm and I don't see a way out, I'm new to this site today how do I private message? Will be nice to chat to someone who understands what I'm going through x

  • Does anyone ever get a lot of bloating ? I feel like I forgot to breathe normal because my head is all over the place and forgets what normal is . It's frustrating

  • I get the same thing like you! I figured out that the closing throat feeling is because I'm having anxiety. When I had dysphagia last year, the doctors said it was probably anxiety or stress that was causing me not to eat. Anxiety is making your throat close. Your throat is tensing up cuz you are tense. I feel this happens everytime. I have social anxiety so the only time I'm sorta relaxed is at home, in my room, by myself. Anxiety is not only a mental problem but it also causes physical symptoms. This happens to be one of them. And when you have those attacks, it just gets worse. I use breathing techniques. Like stand up with feet apart.....and breath in for four counts with arms going up and down with the count structure. Do this 3-5 times. If u are feeling light-headed, do stop. Sit down. And just take easy breaths. The next one I take a big breath in and cleanse up my hold body and then hold it for 10 seconds and then release with a big breath out and release your body as you exhales. Also try meditation tapes that do the inhale and exhales and relax the body. While putting a scent on or sage. What ever floats your goat. I also recommend zen Monq. I found that helped a lot. It's a little personalized dissfusier that you breath in. All essential oils. And lastly I recommend some herbal tea. I feel chamomile and peppermint tea helps the most. Otherwise, I'm sorry this is happening to you. Maybe watch ur fav tv show to get it off your mind but if you can't then do those recommendations. I wish I could hug you. I know what you are going through. Stay Strong.

  • I know the feeling. I have times when my throat spasms while I am eating and it hurts so bad. I just have to deal with it. It passes after a few seconds but I hate it. I do know that the more I freak out over my anxiety symptoms the worse they are. As long as I continue to not over react to the symptoms, my nervous system will no longer have anything to respond to. I have symptoms daily. Yuck!

  • Yes the lump in the throat/ throat closing feeling is one of the most common physical complaints related to anxiety- dont worry, your throat is not actually closing- just feels that way- what helps me is distraction- doing an activity that requires your full attention will take your mind off those tense throat muscles- and a warm drink always helps too 😀

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