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I don't even know

Right here goes!

I'm 19 and have been suffering from what I think is panic attacks and 24/7 anxiety.

It all started 1and a half months ago on my birthday I had to much cocaine and had what I think was my first panic attack I was in hospital and felt like I was going to 100% going to die and after that I had nothing for a week then I went for a drink and went home at 4 am I went to sleep woke up and went about my day that night at around 3/4 am I was watching a film and I got my first sober panic attack it was the scariest thing of my life I calmed myself down after an hour or so of heart pounding, adrenaline, thinking I was gunna die pains in my cheats and feeling like my head was going to explode with to much pressure! After an hour like I said I calmed it down and managed to go to sleep I woke up and was having a panic attack soon as I opened my eyes I went to hospital and they checked my heart it was fine checked bloods and blood pressure etc, it was all normal they send me home they were coming back when I got home it seemed like they were just there every single second so I kept ringing the ambulance and kept going back in they end they let me see a doctor in the hospital and he checked my stomach and said I have acid reflux and i said what about the panic and stuff he said it's just a panic attack but since then I've had up to 5/6 panic attacks every day with constant anxiety for the past 3 weeks can barely talk to my girlfriend I've diagnosed myself with about 10 cancers stomach ulcers liver or kidney problems it's all way to much for me I've accepted death about a million time but this is just more scary as I've been petrified of death since I was about 12 I can't even watch the news I'm that scared of disaster I'm just a walking mess at the minute chest pains and pains in my sides in my ribs and under my ribs I have got in contact with a therapist place thing but have to wait at least 4 weeks so that's no good 3 and a half weeks to go, my symptoms lately have been feeling very sick, bad head, pains all over my body aches, sharp stabbing pains, cramp pains everything I have been feeling sick for 2 days straight and I'm worried it's an infection or a new disease I am only on 1 medication at the minute and that is for my acid reflux which I think is more than acid reflux but I do t know I have not took meds for anxiety or panic attacks as I'm scared of them really badly the side effects scare me so bad I had a panic attack reading the side effects I was proscribed amtripaline or however ya spell it but I wont take them as I'm scared anyone any advice or can tell me all these symptoms are anxiety and panic attacks and nothing worse would be great also I get a lot of symptoms when I'm not even having anxiety or a panic attack help me

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i don't know much but due to the drug you took . it can cause withdrawal affects and cause your body to function strangely. a lot of people suffer from mental problems from doing drugs ad honesty could last a lifetime. go see a few doctors get a different opinion and be completely 100% honest with them when it comes to your drug use they will help you more then an ER will .


Hi if you are in the UK I also suggest looking at the talk to Frank drug website and or phone them. I have had some funny reaction s in the past with drugs including cocaine.


Jamie, when you started taking cocaine you knew what you were doing. You knew that sooner or later it f**ks with your brains big time. But you'rehappy to still take it whilst being reluctant to take amitriptylene which has given relief to millions from anxiety and depression since it was introduced 45 years ago.

May I respectfully suggest you've got things the wrong way round ie cocaine bad, amitriptylene good. If you go on with the white stuff don't bother hoping for recovery from that list of bad feelings because the symptoms of anxiety disorder will soon become secondary to the feelings of paranoia that cocaine always causes sooner or later. But if you do ever stop using it here's how to recover from the symptoms of general anxiety disorder that is what you've ended up with.


Sorry Jamie, pressed the wrong button. As I was saying, what's happened is that your nervous system has become sensitised and its bombarding you with all those symptoms you describe. The ones that aren't caused by cocaine of course. And as you've made the same mistake we've all made at the beginning, your fear and further anxiety about the symptoms themselves are adding fuel to the fire and you are continually re-sensitising your nerves.

To stop the symptoms you have to help your nerves to recover and that means stop fighting (because it only causes more tension), relax and go limp when you feel bad and oractice accepting all those symptoms without fear or further obsessing. If you can frame your mind to temporarily Accept the bad feelings then in the fullness of time your nerves start acting normally and you will feel normal once more. This Acceptance method is described in fullvin a book by Claire Weekes called 'Self help with your nerves' in the uk and 'Hope and help for your nerves' in the us, both available from Amazon. So do yourself a favour and read it and it will surely do for you what it has done for hundreds of thousands of people over the years.


Didn't mean to offend anyone at all and I don't take drugs no more I think I done cocaine 5 times before this all happened


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