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I really don't know what's going on

Hi all,

After my recent accident I've been terrible! I've had a few panic attacks, but I've also noticed I'm getting light pin and needles in my left hand and my left shoulder is aching!

My family thinks I've slept awkward but I'm convinced its a sign that this heart palpitations I've been talking about recently (my missed beats) are something more serious!?! ??

Could something have developed since I last got my heart checked about 6 weeks ago? I really don't know what's going on!

I'm panicking now writing this and contemplating asking my husband to drive me to the hospital, what is happening? What are these pins and needles all about? Does anyone elce get heart sensations??

I'm a mess at the moment and don't know where to turn! My hubs telling me to breath through it, he won't take me to the hospital because he says it just my panic and to calm down and breathe through it!

I hate this, I really do, I was a normal person until a few months ago and now I'm a nervous wreck. I've also got a stinking cold at the moment which he thinks is making my symptoms worse!

I feel hopeless

H2b xx

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hi h2b ah sorry to hear you having a rough time i have only been suffering from panic attacks since christmas since i had a bad virus and was in hospital and few weeks ago weird exactly the same i had a friend on the phone i couldnt breath my chest was tight felt tho i was gona pass out and my OH said to do the same all i wanted to do was go to hospital then i started with pins and needles and an awful pain down my left arm top to bottom came on here and loads had experienced this and went to my gp and he said it was my muscles tightening up and causing pins n needles my hand also had like spasms in it and had it on and off for a week i know its hard but try and do something to occupy your mind you watch when you distract yourself you wont notice it when you sit and focus on it it will feel worse try having a warm bath thats what these good people told me let me know if you ok hun xxxx


Thank you, I'm also suffering with cold hands, but it is freezing here at the moment and has been for a while! The gp said it could've my propranolol causing that, but someone told me you can suffer all these symptoms through anxiety!

Just upset Hun because every time I feel I'm making progress, I get something that will push me back down! And I've never really spoken to anyone who has beaten anxiety only people who manage it

So glad I'm not the only one who gets these symptoms though!

Thanks Sheffieldwed xxx


Your husband is right because if its something serious, you wont be on here and writing hun.... its your panic and the aderliane you have produced that causing you feeling more panicky and anxiety so try take a deep breathe, drink cuppa and relax with hubby, everything is fine and there is nothing wrong with your heart and you have to believe your doctors, i know its hard but you have to reminded it to yourself that there is nothing wrong with your heart xxxxx


Hi h2b, i have been doing so well lately but today am having an anxious day. Ive got an aching shoulder which ive had a few days, im trying to tell myself its the way i lay on it in bed. I do have heart palpatations but i notice it more wen im relaxing and know its the anxiety. I know wat u mean about feeling like making progress then sumthing or nuthing brings it back. They do say u will have bad days on the road to recovery and dont we know that, its annoying! I know people that have overcome anxiety and havent had none for years. Its just acceptance but takes time. Im accepting it but at times i dont. Have u tried talking to it when u can feel it come on? I do that alot in my head mainly, i argue with it lol x


Thanks Minnie, good advise as usual xx

Donaf I constantly try telling myself this is anxiety not an underlying illness, and I really try to believe it but those thoughts keep sneaking in, or I let them more like! I have to stop this worrying about my heart. And having the accident in the car this week really didnt help. I need to start being strong because I WANT to beat this

H2b xx


ah luv i was getting cold hands feet and they said same i was on propranolol and my gp said same but didnt feel much better so went onto citalapram and seem to be ok luv if you are worried go to your gp but honest luv have had all those symptoms and like whywhy and minnie says try and relax have a warm bath and cuppa that will help and donaf usually gives great advice stick with us you will be fine hun blog when you feel the need one of these lovelies will help ease your mind they do me xxxx


hi h2b people on here are lovely and give great advice and I agree Ive had similar probs that weren't serious.

but we also need to get medical advice to be sure.

you can call nhs direct, tell them about your accident and how you are now.

hope you feel better soon. hug (( :) ))



Hello, I know exactly how you feel. I've had sooo much reassurance from drs and ECGs that my heart is ok but it's hard to convince yourself, tonight my chest was soo tight I rang nhs direct who told me to go to hospital I had ECG done it was fine and I went home. Since being home I'm still not great n just had shooting pain down left arm - ended up calling nhs direct again who said I've had an ECG earlier tonight I need to chill! If it comes back then go to hosp for reassurance. It's so hard tho. Like how much reassurance do I want before I will believe my heart is healthy! Very frustrating xxx


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