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Any one?

Hi everyone, so I was just wondering if any one else goes thru this, were u feel good and out of no were it seems like your going to die super weak dizzy anxious? It happens to me pretty often even though I'm on meds it just comes and goes I can even go a few days feeling OK and than out of no were I'm back to the bottom! O yeah and a feeling like I'm going to faint! Any one else goes thru this?

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Yes!!! I do a lot ive had it for almost 20 years 😔It's so difficult to live with but somehow we still manage to pull through it. I was diagnosed with health anxiety and ptsd brought on by a traumatic experience. Just remember it will pass and it will return again it's horrible to live with isn't it. Hope you feel better soon xxx


It's just typical anxiety babes it will get better with time you learn how to cope with it but still makes you feel like crap xx


Me all the time how can we over come this it sucks i feel for anyone with anxiety

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Hi Izzy01 i also go through those symtoms at times and it can go on for days once it starts and just vanish out of the blue.


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