What should I do about my awful anxiity problem??

It all started wen I had some weed once I had the most horrible trip and later found it was mixed with something else. Then afterwards I was fine but a month later after that on my birthday I started to feel wierd and like I was in a dream, aa year on after suffering panic attacks for while during that time and constantly feeling anxious and scared and feeling wierd every single minute as if I'm detached and didfferent and feel like I'm constantly gna die :/ anyways its now a year later I'm still suffering and have started to have bad ocd and feel depressed and like no one can help me and understand what I'm going thru . I didn't explain everything otherwise this wlda been 10times longer.


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  • your first step is to go & see your doctor, tell how you`re feeling, & take it from there. in the mean time try doing some relaxation,& if you havent already done so, talk to a friend or relative about it. ask them to support you.stay strong.x

  • I've gone to the doctos but they didn't say or do much. And whta can I do to relax? Also I have told my mum she doesn't seem to get it and my boyfriend is supportive and understanding but he doesn't quite understand how I feel if you know what I mean. Thank you so much for answering my question :) x

  • I agree with Janice but I think you need to go back to your GP. You say they didn't do much - that isn't acceptable. You need to tell the GP how bad you are feeling and tell them you are finding it hard to cope and need either medication or counselling or a referral for therapy - or all of those things. In the meantime, if you can afford some alternative therapies, go for it - reflexology is very relaxing as is a body massage with essential oils. There might be local counsellors who are low-cost, too - try the MIND website or phone them to find out what is in your area. You can do that as well as going back to the GP. Did the GP not give you any indication what they thought, or refer you anywhere?

  • i klnow they just said that i would get over it and i just need to relax and not worry really. i dont have enough money for rly expenise stuff as im 17 and still at college and looking for a job :/... i do need to relax i find it really hard tho when i have headaches everyday and constantly scared and stuff i feel like its ruining my life and whenever i think about it i have to try hard to stop myself from crying :(

  • and breathing problems :L i just feel so run down constantly tired from what feels like fighting and struggling everday with how i feel

  • ty for answering too btw :)

  • You poor thing - it sounds horrible and I can't understand why your GP hasn't been more sympathetic. Is there another doctor in the practice that you can see instead? You can't do this all by yourself when you feel so anxious, though there are relaxation CDs you could get or borrow from the library. There might even be some free stuff online that you can download to your MP3 player or Ipod if you have one, but you definitely need the GP to listen. They need to be under no illusions how hard it is for you, so don't be afraid of crying, and telling them you aren't sleeping and are finding it hard to cope. You deserve better than this, believe me!

  • it is horrible :(.. ive seen two doctors at my doctors about it um they both said as i sed above buh there is another doctor there i could go and see i just thought there was no point after two not doing much about it. i will try and look for some relaxing music online ty :).. yes it is hard to sleep sometimes ill be up till half 6 not being able to sleep and its awful :(

  • That's awful. Sounds as if you really need to lay it on thick because they clearly just don't get it! Tell them you cannot cope any more. Tell them you NEED HELP and you are at the end of your tether with it and PLEASE will they help you and discuss medication or a referral for counselling or therapy. This is not acceptable and you will need to persist and go back until you get what you want. You have a right to better treatment. Mental health problems cannot be ignored.

    I didn't actually mean relaxing music, but rather CDs that talk you through learning to relax and deal with anxiety. Have a look on Amazon too for books about anxiety. And what about phoning Anxiety UK? Are you a member?

  • yeah i am a memeber i have subscribed. thank you so much youve been so much more help than doctors and stuff and your over the internet!!!

  • Well, I know only too well what it's like to feel desperate. I have suffered for decades (that tells you how old I am, lol!) Also my daughter suffered for years with anxiety and depression and we got used to persisting with doctors till we got help. It took ages and some of it wasn't much use but we never gave up and neither must you because you are just as much worth it as anyone else is. Is your family/partner supportive? Would one of them go with you to an appointment? Sometimes doctors take more notice if a family member or partner is there to back them up (though that shouldn't be the case, they should really listen to you and to how you are suffering). And it's taken me years of different therapy - CBT, psychodynamic therapy etc and now I am being assessed at another hospital for a new long term therapy as I haven't responded to much else. You are young and there is every chance that the right kind of therapy and treatment will help you and really make a difference to your life. Don't let anyone fob you off or tell you it will go by itself or that the only person who can help is yourself. You can help yourself but only if you get the right therapy and/or medication if that is needed. Trouble is, anxiety and depression sometimes make you feel lethargic and you lose confidence - which is why it's sometimes good to have someone else there with you to back you up and support you.

  • Eves,when you went to the doctor,did u explain things,or sit there not knowing what to say,as i did when i first went to the docs,i didn't have a clue how or where to start really,so my first visit didn't help.write it all down how you are feeling,i did,then i referred to my notes when back at GP,suffering from anxiety and depression can affect your confidence,and ability to communicate sometimes with others,so go back notes in hand,and get it all off your chest.good luck

  • sertraline anyone

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