So there might be something wrong with me?

So it's been 3 weeks almost 4 since I started with these symptoms again. I started feeling weird at first and I didn't know what it was. Finally I started becoming scared of everyday sounds and would freak out. 2 weeks went by and little by little I started feeling bit better. Dp/dr wasn't my biggest fear any more, the sounds don't scare me any more. Even though I still feel dp/dr it doesn't bother as much as how it did the first time. Now what bothers me is this fear! Like I'm having a perfect day and for no reason I start to be scared. I try my best to ignore the fear but it doesn't go away right away. I get this fear through out my body and even my body feels weak, on edge, and jumpy. I try to ignore it as much as a can but then I feel like something bad is going to happen or if I might go crazy, even feel like I'm going to be like this forever! Any one else out there with these symptoms? Like why does this happen outta no where? I was having a perfect day at work and a perfect day with my daughter. Now I feel like shit and sad because of this shitty fucking feeling.

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  • Hi Joser805, The symptoms are anxiety at it's finest. Jumping from one thing to another keeping you paralyzed with fear. As each symptom disappears another one takes it's place. What makes it go away? You said it in one of your sentences, "it didn't scare me anymore". That's the key that will make anxiety stop bothering you.

    We've all experienced those symptoms at one time or another. The unexpected feeling of fear coming out of nowhere. Waiting for the other shoe to drop per se. Something bad is going to happen and yet if never does. These feelings are not coming out of nowhere. They are

    preempted by the thoughts in our subconscious mind. Always alert even when we sleep. So we can be relaxing or working and the negative thought sends a chill of terror through out our body and bam we are in anxiety mode once again. You are not going to go crazy, it won't be like this forever. It's a matter of accepting that this is the anxious mind and the over sensitized nervous system and not something dire. Take care.

  • Thank you! It's been a really rough month for me but little by little I've been feeling better. Since Saturday I haven't been feeling scared that much and when I do I focus and something else. It's not easy to ignore but accepting its what's working for me.

  • Jose, it is not easy but know that it does get easier as time goes by. Remember you always have the forum to fall back on for support and understanding. You are never alone. Take care.

  • I freak every day . Every single day I think I am going to die!! Wish this would stop , you're not alone..

  • Agora1 has said it all in a nutshell, find those strong feelings like you said earlier and write them down, look at them and say them. Say to fear... you won't beat me, im not scared of you, you can't hurt me, im stronger than you, over and over, soon you will find it has lessoned and you can live again. If I panic or fear the worst, I talk myself out of it, i breath and distract myself. Thinking of the good things that makes me smile keeps me going every day☺

  • Thank you it's been brought but feeling better. Taking it day by day.

  • Hi JPOU812

    What are you scared of, do you know, why are you going to die, are you getting any support x

  • Scared of nothing to be honest. There's nothing to be scared of when I feel scared. Or there's times when I get scared and that I fear something bad is going to happen then my thoughts start racing. Saying things like..... what if I'm going crazy? Or, what if I stay like this forever? I think what triggers the fear the most is that when I'm thinking, my thoughts are to loud almost to where I can hear them. It makes me think that I might hear something I don't want to hear or see something I don't want to see. I get obsessed with my thoughts and there's time I can't stop thinking.

  • Ah right OK, that viscous cycle of what ifs. Not a nice thing to deal with, what you have to remember is these thoughts are just thoughts not reality. It is only real if you have actually experienced them. Have you got any kind of support for this. Must be stressful x

  • Same here.

  • Very scary experience to be honest

  • Glad to have this support. I'm here if you ever need someone to talk too.

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