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Hi everyone hope everyone's feeling somewhat well today I suffer with anxiety very bad and I'm trying to fight without medication don't know how long I can keep on going like this anyhow decided to bring my kids into town the youngest one kept crying felt like turning bk so I kept going noticed my breathing feeling weird but kept going goes in to penny's felt like breathing was restricted heart start racing felt as if I was choking I taught I was going to die I don't have anyone else to tlk to cause no one understands me or don't care any how's I kept telling myself it was anxiety taking over so I went to another shop to buy some cakes felt my legs were shaking and as if my brain was going funny I forgot the names of the cakes when the man asked so I was getting a bit frustrated cause I didn't even no were I put my money anyways thank god I made it home and feeling really tierd as I said don't know how long I can go on with these horrible feeling and sensations I wish my counciling. Will hurry up take care just taught I'd share my experience today thanks for reading


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  • Hi Lornatorie, I hear your concern for not wanting to take any meds .. May I ask if it's ok what other actions are you taking to help you cope with this anxiety? Also are you on any other medical meds that are stoping you from taking new meds .. I was exactly like you in the beginning I still am TIL this day but I did give in to the meds I felt so bad I didn't know what to do anymore ended up in the Psych ER ... Anyway there is this pill supplements called CALMS FORTE they sale it at GNC,CVS, and other pharmacy's they are natural give it a try but I would def go see your Dr. Also a psychiatrist that may help you in the long run and if your to scared to try medications Buspar is a placebo I've taking for over two months helps take the edge of the anxious feeling didn't help me much with the physical of it but everyone is different first try the natural pills and are how that goes wish you luck Joel you feel better .. I'm starting a new med today called Lexapro I don't really want too but the Buspar wasn't helping with my physical symptoms of anxiety so my psych dr changed my med.... Again we are all different the Buspar helped me at first but I guess my physical symptoms just kept coming on... Take good care and God bless .. Pray always pray it also helps ... Pls keep me posted if possible

  • Thank you so much I was on.citrol 10 then went to 20 and the affects were worst than what they are now so I gave them up waiting on counciling I will definitely try the calms but the physical sensations are bad like my breathing feels funny and choking on phlegm everyone keeps telling me it's in my head I just feel terrible every min of everyday and as for praying I've a statue of our lady on my window and do pray to her alot thanks for reply someday I hope all these feelings will just dissappear. And leave me alone

  • Thank u so much was on cirol 10 then 20 then 30 the side effects were to much so I went off them il definitely will try the calms and for praying I've a statue of our lady on my window and pray all time to her I wish these sensations. Would just leave us all alone so we can get on with our lives waiting on counselling. Hope that even helps if not il have to go bk to my gp hate taking tablets good look with your new medication

  • Thank you hope all goes well ....

  • Buspar is a PLACEBO????? How can they possibly sell you a placebo or any kind of a fake drug... (unless you agreed to a test and then the dr told you it wasn't a real drug...)

  • Hi Betty I didn't say anything about busbar never even heard of it only off a reply I got today I said I hate taking mens and they recommended. Busbar or calms suffer terrible with anxiety and choking sensations

  • My apologies for the YOU didn't...not even once... but "spomales" did.... I am sorry, I evidently hit the wrong 'reply'... I thought I was replying to her reply...that was my mistake. Again, I'm sorry. (ok, that is enough with the reply word, eh?? :) )

  • I am afraid of meds but I've been on dothiepin for 35 yrs anti anxiety tablets, take the edge off a full blown panick attacks most of the time but sometimes not, if I'm in a shop or any where else I explain to them to bear with me as I'm having a panick attack, you'll find that people can be very supportive sometimes if you tell them you situation, don't be afraid to tell were not freaks just disabled In a non physical way, we might have a few wires loose. But were still human. You rode it out did your mission hope you enjoyed your cakes love and well done for persevering I'm proud of you. Take care love xxx 😊

  • You really need to talk to your GP as there may be ways to make you relax and control your fears.

    After the Bank Holiday, on Tuesday see your GP and explain the anxiety and worry you are feeling

    If you are really bad contact 111 and explain your feelings they may be able to help you control these non productive feelings


  • Whoa that sounds really scary. I'm glad you were trying to push through it and that you made it home. That had to be so hard. You're so strong. I Hope youre Feeling A Lil better And Able To Relax And recharge

  • There are so many people on this site that will not take meds for their anxiety and i question their reason. If they calm you down and help you lead a good life, I dont see why not. You should want to feel the best you can for your children, spouses, family, friends and other people you have to interact with like teachers, doctors, store clerks, etc. I read where people have pushed all their friends away. If you get a headache, Do you take aspirin. If you become ill with flu, do you take meds to feel better. Every med created has side effects but not everyone experiences them, they just start to feel better. Once you get these meds in your system, they will benefit you and all your loved ones. You still go to counseling, exercise, eat healthy, sleep, drink water and stay active so focus is on living the best

    Life you can. I myself appreciate the help the meds afford me and as i work to get healthier, my dosage is reduced until I wont need any meds at all. This is just my thinking but it It has helped me. After 4 years, I have come a long way. Of course, this is just my thinking. If you are diabetic, Do you take meds, etc.

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