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Any idea!


I'm male age 41.

Just asking to see if anyone know's what's going on here.

I feel like my minds dying and worried there could be something else going on in there.

I've always had high stress, anxiety and social anxiety since I was in my 20's.

But April last year I woke up feeling like my mind stopped working, I couldn't even think, or do anything. it was Like my mind couldn't even process how to turn the tap water off, or even send the message to my hand what to do, I would freeze trying to find the correct message in my mind on how to do it. My mind forgot how to send messages to the body.

Year later, I still had the feeling, but got used to it, even tho it's not nice. The last 6 weeks it's got worse. i Get confused when doing things. when someone i talk to, and they tell me things, I have to ask again, as I forget what they said. Even when doing things, I forget what I'm doing, I don't remember doing that, or did I just do that I ask my self. It's like I went into a different dimension, and time stopped, and I can't recall what happened. Like going from A to C instead of going from ABCDE ETC. It's like my mind isn't in control of the present moment, like a big blur of thoughts in my head, blur blur, with no understanding of words or thoughts. it's something else is leading the way in my head, but not letting me what's really going on next. if that makes sense. My thoughts are just so strange. Like the the other day, the tire guy I been talking to changed my tires on my car, but later on he kept popping up in my mind, and my mind would keep repeating the image of that person and then decides if it's negative thought/picture, and reacts to it is a horrible fear like feeling... even when looking at someone, something, hearing something etc, my mind decides what it sees or hears, if it's negative or not. if negative, then the mind goes crazy, blured mind, fear. it's like a jumbled up puzzle in my mind, and consciously my mind can't work anything out! so stress, anxiety, confusion, huge fear kicks in. even looking at my mum today, i felt a huge fear.. i thought, my on earth did my mind decide that image was danger. it's like a have a bully in my head. i also get crazy breathing, and pains etc in my body when this happens.. i know what a panic attack feels like, but i'm not having a panic attack, this is just odd.. it seems i have a new sensation each week. there must be 100's of symptoms when it comes to anxiety. it's like i'm on a spinning wheel and can't get off. the Minds unable to process the present moment of what's happening when i'm doing things. At times in the day, it's like for a split few minutes, I could feel not as bad, but then bang a thought or just walking into the next room, going for a walk, my senses always seem to be on the alert for danger. I feel so sensitive to things, it's so easy to make me anxious and stressed.. which affects my mind and body. Even a pain in my body sets the stress and anxiety off. Then the confusion keeps it. At times the confusion kicks it, which then makes my stress and anxiety high. Then depression.. my mood is like a yo yo. Like there is a on and off switch.. the confusion and Memory part is the new symptom, which is so scary. Doctor just says oh take this medication.. tried it all, but made me worse. i feel like i'm different person from one day to the next, i scared i'm going mad frown.. So really I'm not sure what's going on, or how to get well x


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Sounds to me if you have been checked out physically and all is fine you are suffering with severe anxiety

I have had all what you have mentioned and when there is to much going of in my brain it either starts forgetting or feels like I am going mad or it shuts down where I seem to not be able to think at all !

Over the years I have got better as I have worked on my anxiety and for me I have come to realize when my mind shuts down it is like a coping mechanism that the mind does because it is trying to give us a break and maybe if it did not do this we would have a break down

I suppose the more we let it worry us the more is happens even though I know to say to someone with anxiety don't worry is like what :-o

But we can retrain our thoughts and how we react to things even though it does take time and we have to be patient

The Doctor you see does not seem to be giving you the support that you need to help you , some do just like throwing tablets at you and not all want that or do not suite them but therapy /counselling maybe more useful , maybe seeing another Doctor in the same surgery and asking if you could be referred for this might help :-)

I am sure people will relate to how you feel on here and sometimes talking about it and knowing you are not on you own can help even if just a little bit :-)

Take Care x


Thanks for the reply.

What did you do to get better?

I know anxiety isn't nice, but all the extra confused, Memory etc, it horrible.. it's like being in a nightmare dream at time's. When you're trying to focus giving your details to someone, and it all comes out wrong. So embarrassing. It's like the mind Goes on some kind of trip. When I went out, some women looked at me oddly, and I wanted to pull a funny face at her lol, I mean why would I think and want to do that lol. It's like this thing is trying to change my personality.. x


Also it's such an effort to talk to someone.. trying to find the correct words.. the mind just don't want to talk as it's got to dig deep to find the correct wording, without going into bla bla mode in my head.. got not tomorrow for my car. So I have to talk rubbish to them whiles trying not to get into shut down mode lol.. gosh I need some magic wand to heal my mind x



Well you see the more you worry the more it will happen

It can still happen to me now and I just make a joke of it in fact I have found humor has got me through a lot when it comes to anxiety even though I know not everyone will feel this way

You have to start I believe with acceptance , trying not to fight it because the more you do the more anxious you become and then more symptoms persist and even new one's might pop up

Then trying not to fear it as the fear feeds the anxiety which boils down to acceptance coming in again that when it happens think O hear we go anxiety creeping in again

And I did start to see a phycolgist which really helped me in realizing where this all had started for me and why etc and putting everything in my life back in perspective and keep talking especially now you have found somewhere where people will not think you are strange like on here because we can all relate , sometimes just been understood can go a long way to :-) x

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Wow! It's nuts when you read a post and your like did I write this and forget lol! I'm so sorry that your struggling :( you can always message me if you need to talk k! Also wanted to share some information with you that I recently just read about. Coq10 is amazing please read about this and also fish oil and vitamin b-12 or D.. I also found that downloading and memory game on your phone will not only help with the function of your mind but can give it a boost :) hope this helps! Your in my thoughts. ♡


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