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Guys and gals , I had my last meltdown in 2007 , stress cultivated in total insomnia , etc etc , anxiety overload.

I just wanted to share that after 14 yes of Prozac , in 2013 I paid to visit a pyschiatrist , 3 sessions , she swapped me to 100 mg sertraline , and it is zolpidem instead of zopiclone.

I hate to say this but in 2008 I recall a conversation with an NHS gp , where I was advised to stop researching Google and trust them, after I suggested other SSRIs and the potential use of ambien. I also recall one Go picking up his hand book and looking up the depression page....

Another told me to pull myself together and get on with things , after literally total insomnia.

Yet another GP said if she prescribed me anything to help me sleep it would be on my record permanently , like a threat....

Well folks I'm here to say that you should not trust the NHS with regard to mental health , they offered me confusion and 14 years of unnecessary symptoms , plus disdain.

I now have 2 children , marriage , a house we own and a well paid job, company car and a hunger for life.

Don't let yourself be misled by uneducated Muppets. If you can scrape together the cash then head for a private psychiatrist.

Much love

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finding it hard on who to turn to

how can seeing someone like that change me or the way i think or stop this horrible anxiety from coming back day after day

Just want to hide away feel like my anxiety has gone to far and over come me Its like its all i know :(


i hope that one day i can come on here and say things like you

Good on u

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