Positive update

I took the rest of the week off Monday, and yesterday I had a low point. I had given up, I felt like I was going to just drop and after everything, I just gave up.

Well something amazing happened. I was pushed to my limits, I said, "This is it, God. Do what you want, because I'm done."

I got a small workout in last night after that. I just walked around and thought about other things. I thought about just how this is all fight or flight, well since this is purely emotional.. let's fight!

This might sound crazy, but I pumped myself up. I walked around and was daring the fear to make me faint. I was daring the anxiety to stop me and I literally stopped fearing it. Something clicked and I'm not scared anymore. I literally feel normal for the first time in a few months.

Since I had the rest of the week off, I went and helped my dad build a house in town today and I would feel slightly off at times, but it was fleeting.

I had a GREAT day today and a great night last night!

Give up tonight and trust fall into God's arms.

I feel excellent!!


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  • Love reading this. I've been doing somewhat of a similar strategy. I've been welcoming anxiety attacks vs resisting/ fighting them. I also been reading a lot and learning some great tools to combat anxiety/ depression.

    Sending you continued strength and peace.

  • Sounds like you're on a good route to curing this.

    Thank you

  • Great news ... YAY 🙌👌☺

  • Woot!

  • amazon.co.uk/Panic-Switch-S...

    This is worth reading if you are planning to go down the "challenge feelings" route.

  • You're the second person to suggest that book. I will give it a look.

    Thank you, Sir.

  • Sounds good to me well done you :)

  • Than you, Pat9. Have a good day

  • Excellent rockster. I have been listening to a guy speak this week about panic and how to cure it properly. He talks about doing just what you described. Slices like you are on to something. I pray it last for you. :)

  • Thank you lbk64.

  • Hi Rockster321

    Well done.

    I also made the decision after someone told me to try it. Heres how it went.

    Early one morning i opened my eyes

    It felt as if i was being smothered by a hand on my face. I called this anxiety. I said NO this is my day. I dont need you any more. Suddenly it went i repeated this half a dozen times then just waited. I felt good.. I did this every morning for 6 days and it worked everytime. It was

    beause i was afraid of what was trying to pull me fown every morning. I sometimes become a bit lazy and dont say NO some mornings sometimes i am lucky and its fine and i dont feel the hand on my face but sometimes it does come back but its my fault for not being in control of my own mind. Its like a bully. You stand up to bullys they will leave you alone.

    It is mind over matter. Its about being in control of what you want in your head. Its then that anxiety is beaten and leaves you once and for all. Its just a mtter of time but people with anxiety and depression have to work at it and not let it control them.

    Well done again keep up the good work.

    Sue x

  • Thank you and it sounds like you've reached success in beating it! You give me hope

  • Thank you for all the positivity. You're an inspiration. (=

  • HELLO; you know you did the right thing, my therapist told me if you WILL a panic attack to come on, and you really don't care,or fear it..you have anxiety beat...just reading your post, proves he was right..well done. xxx

  • Good one its great 2 hear someone is winning the fight,I have god in my life but I still have my low points and I'm turning to food I can't get myself into a routine I 2 workout but I can't get motivated feeling very sluggish wish I could get more energy

  • I will pray for you

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