I Hate To Complain

I hate to complain but in the last twenty four hours I have noticed how standards are falling well below acceptable standards.

Today,like yesterday my working day started at 6am after three hours of sleep.

Some of you will have been snoring away for seven or eight hours doing absolutely nothing......Then you'll get up and waste even more time.....making tea or coffee....eggs and bacon.......marmalade on toast or whatever takes your fancy. Then some of you will take a white stick....thrust it in your mouth and set fire to it..Ha Ha.

After this comes the ablutions, baths...showers...brushing of teeth etc etc.

Eventually some people on this site may actually do some work.

We have the Head of Department...Professor Briar Rose...Professor Rose is university educated.......lives in a mansion......is surrounded by servants who tend her every whim and yet she only puts in an occasional appearance and charges a massive consultancy fee..

Plus she has a massive garden,which she hardly ever opens but when she does there is an extortionate entrance fee.

Then we have Doctor whywhy. She is not university educated and does not talk posh.Professor Rose does allocate whywhy a heavy work load.However I have been informed that the Doctor is entitled to five hours sleep plus and I mean plus a twenty minute break every eight hours.So it boils down to the fact that Doctor whywhy does hardly anything.

After this comes chief nurse Baylein.Unfortunately the nurse has abdicated his post and we are awaiting his return

The entertainments manager Bertty has also gone missing,but may return on Saturday.

So this leaves the minions like me and hundreds of other volunteers to actually keep this site going.

Now my wife has also caught this eating and sleeping bug.Last night I had to fluff up my own pillows,,,scratch my own nose and even turn over on my own.

But there is worse to come/////I have now been waiting TEN MINUTES for my breakfast. For 49 years I worked hard,paid all my taxes and now in retirement what service do I get NOTHING.

Mind you the NHS is worse,might tell you about that later




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38 Replies

  • Im sorry to hear your dilemma , I think I can relate though , you just cant get the staff now a days

    I have had to make my own cup of Tea this morning as I got up before hubby :-o

    After making two in all honesty , he finally appeared , he now thinks all is acceptable because he has just placed a coffee in front of me

    I have given him a warning , & told him I will be trading him in , if his standards do not improve in the near future ;-)

    Now I will leave Rose to comment on your issues ;-)

    I am sure she will :-o

    Yes the camp entertainer never asked for time of , again , disgrace , on his return , he may have to have a written warning , but his return , is much needed , I hope he doesn't feel he can take more time of

    As for me , I may have to go on part time , without Nurse B , I cannot handle the work load on my own , the hours & breaks I have been given are just not enough , I am thinking of looking for another job , if a position comes available ;-)

    To anyone reading this we have lost the plot (not really )

    This is just a bit of light hearted fun (if you get our sense of humour ) ;-)

    Hope everyone has a good day


  • Glad you put in those last 3 lines whywhy.

    Just realised some people might actually think I am complaining!

    However I did message you 42 times during the night and you didn't reply once.

    Also you do realise you don't get holiday pay don't you?



  • :-D

    Yes I saved you I was thinking the same ;-)

    I no got all 42 this morning , I fell asleep on the job :-o

    I may have to scrap & scrape (as usual ) & sacrifice the holiday pay :-/

    Or maybe everyone might have a whip round to help me out

    I no , yours will be a packet of fags , ken dodd CD , but I suppose every little helps ;-)


  • Just you wait...I am working on a blog about my hospital visit yesterday. I am going to write in detail all about their probes and into what orifices they were inserted!

    If I can publish it before you have your lunch I will



  • o I cant wait , could you try & spare some of the detail though

    Remember our friend , Mr Yankee :-D

    Hurry up then , as well as been over worked , under paid , I don't need the thoughts of been made sick as I am having my dinner, that's boarding on cruelty ;-)


  • Message understood.




  • ;-)


  • Haha....loved this ...good humour made me laugh :-D x

  • Phew

    Glad someone saw the humour :-D

    Hope you have a good day


  • You too :-) x

  • Thanks.

    Just glad whywhy mentioned it was only banter Otherwise you may have thought I really am a bigotted moaning OLD GIT!



  • Well you are that as well :-D

    JOKE ;-)


  • OUCH!




  • soz



    I'LL send you a clip of Will-a-m to make up for it :-D


  • Still waiting for your blog , then I am taking my break

    This isn't going to take longer than

    War & Peace to read is it :-o


  • Having a bad turn at the moment whywhy.Take your break and I'll try and come back later.



  • O grog , sorry

    OK will take my break ;-)

    Thinking about you


  • Hope your ok x

  • Never...haha ;-) ..have a good day x

  • Huh! Well, I like that! :x Don't you realise i worked my butt off to become Professor Rose and Head of Department - and you only do that so you can have a huge comfy office in which to sleep away the working day - oh and a locked filing cabinet where I keep the Ribena????? I mean, what's the point otherwise - you want me to WORK as well???? :-O!

    As for the servants - well, I think you mean serfs, actually - well, the swine have all run away, they wanted feeding!!!! The cheek of it! So this morning - I, Professor Briar Rose, BA, MA, CN (Certified Nutter for the uninformed!) had to - throw my own duvet back, put my own dressing gown on, and - you won't believe this - make my own coffee!!!! :x I'm even having to type this message, cos my secretary's left as well! :-O

    As for Dr Whywhy - well, we all know she never does a thing! :( I have spoken to her about it several times, and she makes pathetic excuses like - having to sleep, having to cook/eat, having to clean the house, iron her family - etc etc etc! Excuses, excuses, excuses!!!!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take half an hour off from the effort of lighting my own cigarette! Not to mention having to lift the heavy coffee mug to my own mouth! I'm exhausted already!

    Writing this has worn me out, think I'll have to go and lie down in a darkened room for a few hours!

    Professor Briar Rose, BA, MA, CN

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}} :-D

  • That's told him :-D

    Hope it doesn't give him another funny turn though :-(

    Sorry for my slacking , I will try & find a way to take this laptop with me as I am cleaning , bear with , I will come up with something :-D


  • Well done, I hope to see a great improvement in your performance then! :-D


  • I will do my best promise , from now on I will try harder ;-)


  • Oh Rose that is brilliant,you've almost brought me around again




    Ha ha ho ho!


  • grog you ok hun

    Rest & when you are ready , I have had my dinner now , so you will be ok ;-)


  • Good grief, now she's taking time off to eat! Whatever next! :x

    :-D xxxxxx

  • Sorry :-D


  • I'll let you off this once! ;) xxxx

  • Hee hee - glad it helped, Grog! :-D Hope Why is still speaking to me! :(

    {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} ;)

  • Ladies you are both wonderful.

    Had been feeling unwell this morning and very sleepy.

    Hospital has just phoned to say that one of the meds that they changed yesterday may give me strange symptoms to start with and they had forgotten to warn me.Said to sleep as much as I felt like and symptoms could last up to three days.Therefore requesting temporary leave of attendance from Professor Rose and Doctor whywhy. I hope to be back to annoy you both very soon!



  • You sleep as much as you need, Grog - but do come back when you feel up to ragging us again! :-D We'll miss you! :(



  • Sleep grog , I will try with Rose & hold the fort will miss you lots & sending you hugs

    You have permission for temporary leave

    Please annoy us soon or it wont be the same


  • Seconded! :)


  • what is going on?

    Professor Rose is locked in her office watching tennis and smoking cigars.

    Doctor whywhy is sleeping it off and Grog is lolling in bread sorry bed.

    I am sitting at this petrol station waiting for the attendant to come and fill me up.She is sitting in the office staring out the window and there is a massive build up of cars behind me.

    If she doesn't shift her butt soon I am going to get out of this car and fill it up myself.


  • (i like this)

  • What is going on.Talk about poor service.

    Professor Rose is locked in her office watching tennis and smoking cigars.

    Doctor whywhy is sleeping it off and Grog is lolling in bread sorry bed.

    I am sitting at this petrol station waiting for the attendant to come and fill me up.She is sitting in the office staring out the window and there is a massive build up of cars behind me.

    If she doesn't shift her butt soon I am going to get out of this car and fill it up myself.


  • Well its grog started complaining , I didn't answer his 42 messages during the night , I went & fell asleep :-o

    Rose think she has a hotty in that office , she is quite ;-)

    Hope you are all filled up :-D with petrol

    Lovely to have you back


  • Hi grog I haven't spoken to you before, but just wanted to say I just read your blog and the comments and it did make me chuckle. :-)

    Have a good rest and I hope you feel better soon.xx

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