My Caffeine Challenge For Everyone Today!

Will you take the challenge, give your mind and body a time out, and cut our caffeine today guys? Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, Americans and Europeans rely on coffee in their everyday lives and many studies have in fact found a connection between this addictive stimulant, and the increase of symptoms of anxiety as well as insomnia. Gradually cutting down the amounts you consume and finding a replacement to coffee with herbal teas for instance is important. Caffeine is also found in green tea (more on green tea another time), chocolate, many soft drinks and sodas, certain medications, some cold remedies and pain relievers. Let's do this together.


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  • I've cut it out as a way of controlling my anxiety but so far I've noticed nothing positive, I dint eat chocolate I have decaf tea and never drink fizzy drinks

  • Hello

    Personally for me I think everything in moderation , I like a cup of coffee a day just the one and well lets say the UK is well known for a cup of tea but again I think everything in moderation does us no harm , so I will still be having the odd coffee when I fancy one , not one for fizzy drinks though they give me indigestion !

  • Completely agree Bo -I love one coffee a day and fizzy drinks for me are like poison!! X

  • Hi. Okay, I'm up for the challenge ☺

    I've given up coffee through necessity. It really sends my anxiety into overdrive and makes my sciatica literally unbearable. What I need to focus on is giving up Mocha's and sugar in general. Unless I can find a pleasant tasting de-caf tea, giving up my morning cuppa is going to be a problem.

    Thank you for posting! ☺

  • Good stuff Lizbett, baby steps :)

  • Yep 👍☺

  • Rooibos tea..... Think that's the name (Used to be called Red Bush) is naturally caffeine free. . Even my husband an enthusiastic tea drinker enjoys this

  • Thank you! I'll look into it ☺

  • Have you tried the Clipper brand of de-caf tea? i really like it. Best wishes.

  • No I haven't actually but will give it a try. Cheers ☺

  • thanks for your post you seem to know a lot about anxiety and methods to improve it.

    I don't drink coffee ever, don't eat anything with sugar. I live a healthy veggie life. have started drinking lipton green tea as they say there is L-theanine in that helps with the calming effect, 2 cups through out the day. I am on no other medication was prescribed yelate 60mg for the physical symptoms which really helped but I found out I was pregnant after a month of using it. Stopped cold turkey no side effects actually felt like a very healthy pregnancy with no anxiety after having my daughter the anxiety just came back. So now I am thinking should I just go back to the meds or just keep breathing lol. Only side effect I had from the pill was insomnia and headaches.

    Sorry for just asking but who knows maybe you know better than I do, right?


  • I've only just seen this post. It's 18:41 here and I've not touched caffeine today. Sadly I don't feel any better for it. no cut coffee out at the start of January and tea I limited. It's been twinings fruit teas all day for me today but no different than usual 😖 xx

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