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Hello im 17 years old have have a big fear of getting cancer. Lymhomas mostly. It really sucks it really does. About 5 months ago i was a normal kid who went to the gym every morning had fun with friends and just lived life. But now out of no where about 4 months ago i had a huge cancer scare and its really taken over my life drastically and it sucks. I feel like i cant enjoy life no more. Im always worried i feel like i get sick alot. Back when i didn't have my worries everything was great. I couldn't remember the last time i would get sick in years!! And now everytime i get some cold or flu it scares me too death and makes my anxiety through the roof. I know i should be seeing a doctor so they can talk to me and put my mind at rest but my mother has been very busy with work so its hard for her to take a day off. She alwahs reassures me that everything is fine she basically would know if something serious was going on with me but she says if she truly knew something was wrong she would not wait off on it. About 3 weeks ago i cought a upper respiratory infection. Lasted about 4 days and was gone then now my throat hurts my lymph nodes are swollen and it freaks me out now. I was somebody who woul brush stuff like that off and was fine a few days after. Now every little thing bothers me. I get tension headaches body pains the whole 9 yards. And it really sucks. I do my best too keep my health up good by working out. Playing basketball alot. Eating as much good foods and fruits as i can. But now i just dont know what to do anymore i just have a fear that ill nr diagnosed with something that i dont want.. sorry for the long writing just feels good too get this all out of my mind. Knowing that u guys are good at helping others out. Again thank you for reading this.

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Hi there I understand how you feel I've been dealing with anxiety for 1 year it's so horrible I ever day am scared I just get negative thoughts and I'm scared of dying at some point I was like you I thought I had cancer and a brain tumor , look for a doctor who can refer you yo some type of counseling and can have you on medication . I was on medication for 6 months it worked and I felt super fine so I got off the medication but I'm back at that hole I have a baby and I cannot be on medication all the time , good luck



Hi Brandolo119, that will do it, having had a Cancer scare at your young age made a negative impression in your mind. It left you with fearing every health issue possible. It's called Health Anxiety. No matter how clean a life you live, things happen. I don't mean the big "C" but small health issues. We're human, we get sick from time to time. That includes swollen lymph nodes at times which is the body's way of fighting the infection. (so that's a good thing) It would probably help in seeing a therapist a few times just to get rid of that fear. The tension headaches and body pain are from being so tense in worrying what might happen. Knowing what caused the anxiety is the first step, the next is to not fight something we have no control over.

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Hello Brandolo, Agora1 is right. You have to realise that you bounce along in your life, everything is fine and then bang. It hits you square in the face. Nothing prepares you but, as an old girl myself, it teaches you that life is for living. You enjoy the good times in your life and take the bad as and when they come along.

Look, in life all you have is RIGHT NOW, this moment. You have no idea what will occur tonight, tomorrow, next week etc. As long as you eat well, exercise, Don't Smoke and don't try to get a golden tan then you are doing everything possible in that area.

Everything else is out of your control. Human beings forget that they are not invincible. We have our time.

In the meantime if you are becoming anxious over your health have a talk with your doctor and, if it helps, take some meds to help you over this hump. Actually look at it as an awakening call and go out and enjoy life, laugh, sing and dance.

JP in the UK where it rains most of the time. ☔️


Mood gym is a computer based free cbt programme that may be helpful for you


You definitely came to the right site, I also have health anxiety it's a terrible thing to deal with but your mother does know what she's talking about however getting help by talking to somebody such as counselling along with talking with us may help get your reassurance back that you're OK ,I do the doctor thing a lot where I feel I need reassurance to know that I'm OK and went to the doctor two times in one week and he said go home enjoy your life you're fine and sometimes we just have to do that and you're doing all the right things by working out and eating healthy and you're 17 you're young enjoy yourself and just keep thinking of the way things were before you were scared we're all here for you good luck and keep in touch with us .


I've been through the same thing- I would suggest to go to the doctor anyway, even if mom is too busy, go yourself or have someone take you- I have found thst just getting that reassurance from the doctor can make all the difference.


Please listen and learn to trust your Doctors. Stay proactive regarding your Heath. Try living in the present moment rather then pre-determining negative out comes in your life, it is a waste of time and valuable energy. Feeling good sometimes is reliant upon thinking good! God Bless.


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