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Hi all,

Well first off thanks everyone for last night and helping me through my panic, much appreciated ;)

I've been to drs today, I've joined a new practice and he's very nice and helpful. I explained to him about my skipped heart beats and he examined me,

He said he's not really worried! I have good blood pressure, strong normal pulse and unless I'm having upto 10 a minute it's not a problem, he's not concerned about me having 30 odd a day! He was great explained everything to me :)

My pins and needles in the hand are nothing to worry about either, he said I can put them down to anxiety or just except these things happen.

Good news is he said I can stop taking my propranolol, because I'm only on 10mg a day and have been for a few weeks I've weaned slower than he would have weaned do shouldn't have a problem coming off now. Nervous times for me although I really want to stop and be drug free I'm terrified something will happen to me when I stop, i would love to hear id any of you guys stopped taking the meds and were ok, although he has reassured me this is not the case as my dosage is the lowest you can get :)

I feel alot better talking to someone who has taken the time to explain things to me, and told me he thinks I'm doing great over the last few months, he looked back at all my tests and said all was fine...... He did say though my biggest problem now is acceptance that this is ANXIETY and nothing more.

Love to all

H2b xxx

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ah well done luv you are doing really well you are strong stronger than you think i will be so glad to get where i dont need meds although not quite ready yet only been 5 weeks but am now trying so hard to accept anxiety hofefully this will happen well done keep going hun but still keep in touch with us :) xxxx


Glad you got some reassuring news! Really happy for you, I'm feeling awful with chest pain shortness of breath arm pain etc. awaiting my results of the week long monitor! I spent the night in a n e again and can't be dealing with going through that all the time. Fingers crossed for good results xxx


Thanks both, I'm also glad I had some reassurance today although still nervous about being med free even though I want to! I'm worried because someone told me you can die or have a heart attack or cardiac arrest if you stop taking propranolol although I've only been taking 10mg a day for 3 weeks which are probably not even making a difference to me seems its the lowest dosage available. I really shouldn't listen to people to be honest!!

Sheffieldwed I've been taking them since nov, you'll get there and it's hard to tell ourselves it's anxiety!

Maria I hope you feel better soon, I've had to force myself not to go to a&e loads of times. How did you get on? Hope your monitor tests will be fine which I'm sure they will be!

Exceptance of this frustrating illness is the first step towards recovery

All the best h2b xxx


That's great news! I told you that your heart is FINE!! Believe us and your new doc!! ;-) good luck with coming off the meds as I think its a good idea because they does make you feel more panic and increase anxiety which I believe so xxxx


What a difference it makes having a GP who can actually be bothered to explain things - it makes such a difference especially when we just need to have our minds put at rest and not to be made to feel stupid and wasting their precious time. So pleased for you.

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