Hi my name is Chris Royal I'm 21 years old and I've been dealing with health anxiety for a few years now I've had almost every symptom known to man from sharp chest pains dull chest pains you name it. But the one thing that I still can't seem to understand and except are these skipped heart beats and flutters whenever I'm excited or even just out of the blue they scare me so much and I've had multiple EKGs blood test chest x-rays all normal and my doctor has even listen to my heart and said that it sounds beautiful but he sent me for an echo which was normal as well. So does anyone else get these skipped heart beats or flutters and why do they happen???!!! 😞😣


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  • Yup it's stress, lack of sleep, depression and anxiety all rolled together

  • Definitely don't get enough rest I'm always tired... it's just really scary you know

  • Ever had a sleep study done

  • No I've never had that done and it's not that I don't sleep pretty sound at night but it's more of going to sleep late and getting up early type thing since I was diagnosed with panic attacks when I was 17

  • You can sleep 8 hours with sleep apnea and still feel tired, most people with sleep apnea have anxiety, something to look into

  • Hi Chris 🤗 Hope your ok ? I was exactly the same I lived with skipped heart beats for years and at my worst all day and night for weeks on end and I ended up in A&E so many times only to be told after blood tests ecg etc etc that yes I'm having these missed beats medical name for them eptopic beats but they are harmless and are brought on by my anxiety .. They made me ill everytime I'd get them I'd think my heart was going to stop I tried propanolol that the doctor gave me nothing worked and everytime I did go to my doctor he could never pick them up then I had a real bad episode went back to hospital again I asked for the copy of my ecg so I could take it and show it to my doctor and I did just that I took it to him and showed him what I was living with and I wanted more tests on why I have these missed beats so her referred me for a heart scan which I had and my heart is in perfect working order all tests normal it was me my mind and my anxiety causing them so I learnt to get over it and I still get anxiety but no longer get the missed beats tottaly gone the only time I may get the odd flutter is if I drink alcohol .. So it seems you've had tests and a scan and all is ok you've just got to try and convince yourself now and I know that's hard believe me but once you do you'll be fine and they will stop x

  • They are just so frightening and come out of nowhere they scare me almost everytime!!

  • How do you get through yours?

  • Try drinking 2 litres of water per day and have a magnesium and potassium supplement. Get to bed early and sleep 8-9 hours. Get exercise. You will notice the difference!!

  • Have you experienced these before??

  • Yep all the time. It's not a missed beat its and extra strong one and for a micro second you feel a little light headed then you get the zap of adrenaline and the "oh my god" moment and scare yourself some more. I have had ecgs etc and nothing wrong with my heart. Just stress and reactions to the feelings causing more palpitations. When you are anxious you use more of your body's resources so quite often can become deficient in some minerals and vitamins. Potassium and magnsium are directly involved with the electrical circuits in the heart.

  • Sometimes mine are big but here lately they fill more like flutters

  • Have had those flutters/ flip flops for years, usually with stress, but out of the blue too- docs over the years said a minor mitral valve prob or intermittent fast heart beat. Prozac really helped for years, as did Xanax or Valium especially to help with sleep at night. The tip about Magnesium and enough water is good too. My 21 year old son is going through this too and he now takes Prozac as well and Valium to help sleep at night. Don't know why these symptoms begin in our 20s but hope you find a helpful solution soon.

  • They come and go they just scare the heck out of me whenever they come back and also the sensation of like it feels like my entire body drops to the floor nearly but I know it's not lol

  • Was your brought on from years of anxiety?

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