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Anyone have panic attacks after working out? I've been dealing with health anxiety for a few years now I've had almost every symptom known to man from sharp chest pains dull chest pains to skipped heart beats in a row I had multiple EKGs blood test chest x-rays my doctor has even listen to my heart and said that it sounds beautiful but he sent me for an echo and 30 day event monitor which all came back great. I just started working out again and but for the second time I had an panic attack right when I stopped only for a minute this time. But why is this!! I feel like I'm going crazy! Any advice also it's not like I hyperventilating but my heart rate shoots through the roof.


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  • Every time I went the gym a was exhausted more than what I am usually it's adrenaline you'll be fine

  • How do I get this under control because it's literally trolling me from working out and I was only lifting weights

  • How many times do u go the gym x

  • Today was my first time back because like I was saying before I stopped because of the big panic attack I had the first time I tried to get back into it

  • What were u feeling like at that ti,e x

  • I felt good at first until my heart went up some from just doing lunges lol then went down hill from there

  • It sucks because I used to workout so much before

  • That is where my first panic attack started was at the gym. I was doing squats and I got hot and my heart started pounding next thing you know I left the gym and on the ride home full blown panic attack ended me up in the ER. A .25 xanax later I was calm again. I have suffer anxiety almost everyday since that day. I think we focus on that sensation and we create it into panic. I haven't been to the gym since :( which I'm only less than a 100 pounds but I was trying to build muscle.

  • Yes that's the same for me to I think whenever I feel my heart rate go up I start thinking like oh no here it comes

  • We have to realize it is a sensation. We have to tell ourself we are okay. You won't pass out and you won't die even though I feel like I am and it is harder to do than I sit here and say it. I work on this daily. Our mind has now created that feeling as being a threat when in fact we aren't in danger our mind just wants us to believe we are.

  • I just want to get back to the way I was before I used to be really fit and in shape and then I relapsed

  • Me too body started changing smh once I had that panic attack I thought something was wrong with my heart. And the drive home was even scarier smh

  • Dizzy

  • No not dizzy

  • Aw bless ya may be over doing it

  • I literally didn't do much at ago tho I did some bicep curls and one set of lunges before it happen

  • We're you anxious before hand things running through your mind maybe

  • Thats what it is... We are so traumatized and focused on how we feel we think any little thing is the end of life smh LITERALLY

  • They just come on from no we're tbh x

  • No I wasn't really anxious before but once i felt my heart rate go up i insteadly I thought my heart is about to shoot up like last time

  • Yeah your still here pat on the back for going the gym I couldn't face it anymore the thought makes me ill

  • Have you ever experienced this?

  • Yes everyday nearly all day my life's ruined 😢

  • Sick of feeling exhausted it's a mind game my heart can be normal next minute il jump and u can see it beating out me chest u be fine honest

  • After exercise for you too?

  • Before worse after as ya blood is pumping round your heart a lot faster through the pressure

  • Yes it sucks

  • Sure does suck

  • This happens to me every time I try to work out :( It's especially bad with cardio but happens with weights too. I get a little dizzy and feel like I can't breathe and worry I'm having a heart attack right when my heart rate goes up. I don't have a good solution yet, I'm able to work out but I have to take little breaks and constantly remind myself it's happened before and I'm not dying. It's rough and I'm sorry so many other people are going thru this. I wish I had a solution but I hope it at least helps a bit to know you're not alone. I think this is a common thing for those of us with health anxiety....

  • I got a panic attack in the beginning of December in the gym smh and I haven't been back since. I focus so much on how my body feels I dont enjoy my workout fully. I watch my heart rate increase in the elliptical and it says slow down but I get nervous and I stop then I focus on my heart SMFH. I was doing so well in the gym too going everyday and anxiety just took over smh. Everytime I finish a set on the bench my heart is pounding but I think its normal but in my mind I think its beating too hard. Anxiety drains every f'n happiness out of you. It reverts to negative impending doom thoughts. I have been severaly stressed lately and it manifested into all these anxiety symptoms. I can't even take a shower without checking my damn pulse. Smh Hopefully I can push myself to head back to the gym and get this workout in... Ur not alone bro

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