When was the last time you had your Vitamin D Levels checked?

Hi All!

I finally got my blood test results back on Thursday and I am somewhat relieved to share with you all that I have a Vitamin D Deficiency (should be 50 - if lower than 30 you are deficient - I am 17!)

I have suffered in pain for MONTHS. I have intense bone pain specifically in my front ribs that affects my sleep and leaves me with awful crushing/burning pains (in my anxious state I assumed this was heart related and scared myself silly!) I have muscle aches in my neck, back and shoulders which presents as an intense 'pins and needle' pain with burning and even aches in my left arm that felt very heavy and sore! I also often get shooting pains in my hands and feet and my feet get exceptionally sweaty despite being very cold. I sneeze about 15 times a day and my eczema has flared up again in my hands.

I have been miserable as alongside all of the above I have had numerous digestive issues that have ranged from irritable bowel with fluctuating bowel movements, acid reflux and stomach aches and cramps - did you know 83% of people that have IBS also have a vitamin d deficiency?!

To add to this I was also losing hair and getting shaky and dizzy on occasion. I have also had heart palpitations and shortness of breath to the point I have had to stop numerous times during conversations with people just to catch my breath - my symptoms really have been debilitating.

I am discussing all of these things in hopes that some of you will be able to say 'Yes that it was I am experiencing!' for MONTHS my closest family and friends were saying this was my anxiety flaring up - I would cry and cry as I couldn't seem to control it or get a grip on how I can overcome these AWFUL physical symptoms - it was only when I marched into the doctors surgery a few weeks ago demanding answers sure that I was slowly dying of some god awful illness that this even crossed my mind.

In the last few months I have had many other checks from ECG, liver, gallbladder, kidney, thyroid, iron, hormones, etc. who knew that all of these symptoms can be bought on by a simple vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin D affects the WHOLE body and having researched this deficiency in great detail on the internet has caused many others real misfortune - did you know it is linked to both ANXIETY and DEPRESSION?!

I urge you all to have your levels checked if you can relate a quick way to check is to place a finger in the centre of your sternum where your ribs bones meet and apply pressure - if there is pain you are likely deficient. This is agony for me!

I am very confident that I will soon return to myself after my 3 month treatment plan is through and will be sure to keep you all updated :)

Love, Health and Happiness to you all.

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16 Replies

  • Wow that ps great such a big relief you will be great in no time best of wishes x

  • Thank you! x

  • Yes ! 5 weeks ago , had blood tests done as I have Cirrosis , anxiety , depression and insomnia . My reading was 20 , so not as low as your one but low enough to be placed on a 6 week intense course 4 X tablets a day and then after 6 weeks one tablet A day for life . I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2008 in my left leg . Was never given any meds or even a follow up from the hospital . So all this time I have been suffering , yes my anxiety has gone up yet again unfortunatly , but it's something I have to live with . Hope all improves for you 😊

  • Who knew hey! I was so convinced with how poorly I feel at times that there had to be something majorly wrong with me. Good luck with your treatment :) I hope it helps with our anxiety somewhat! x

  • Hello

    Seems very common among us anxiety sufferers having low vitamin D makes you wonder if it is related to anxiety

    I had mine done last year and yes it was nearly non existent my levels , straight on vitamin D , takes a while but eventually you feel the difference

    I wish you all the best & hope this will make a big difference in how you feel :-)

    Take Care x

  • That is so kind of you thank you! I do understand it can be quite a slow recovery process but your message leaves me very hopeful.


  • Hi Kellylou17, Just got back my results last week and it's 18. Back on Vit D. Thought it was my Fibro acting up although it probably contributes to it. Wishing you well..

  • Sorry to hear that! - Thank you! You too x

  • I've been having a lot of these symptoms for almost 3 months now! Does low Vitamin D cause palpitations?!

  • Hi @nickie420me - I have just read some of your posts and your situation sounds so very similar to mine - I hope I can be of some help to you! I have had so much physical pain in the chest region for months - pain I was almost certain was a heart attack or heart disease or angina or something (I still worry to this day but a lot lot less given my recent diagnosis) the pain would come out of nowhere which made me jump to the conclusion that I was clearly dying as it wasn't reflux from food and it wasn't a pulled muscle as it didn't come on always with physical exertion. I too fled to the ER they told me my ecg was fine and didn't even take blood tests because of how uneccesary they thought it was but I still got pain and the minute I did my anxiety would go into overdrive and I'd kickstart my fight or flight response making me feel all kinds of awful! I do get palpitations and have suffered from them for a while mainly in moments I am stressed or after doing some strenuous after a prolonged period of doing nothing but my doctor ensured me my heart is completely fine. The main concern for me was that my pains hit me first thing in the morning when I would wake but now I know it is due to my vitamin d deficiency it makes so much sense as during sleep I roll onto my tummy which puts huge strain on my already weakened bones and muscles! I get pain intermittently now but find it worse when I have a tight fitting bra the fact I can recreate the pain when pressing on the area makes me feel both comforted and a little queasy! Our anxiety makes it almost impossible for muscles in our chest to heal quickly as we naturally tense them so often.. I will keep you updated on whether my supplements eliminate my chest pain completely but urge you to get a simple blood test to check your levels - all of those things we are afraid of about our heart and it may all be solved by taking a tablet a day for a deficiency - go figure!

    Wishing you the best, please do feel free to ask further questions I know for the last few months I have felt so so scared and anxious longing for relief and for answers and for someone to tell me I was going to be okay - you're not alone x

  • I was told mine was muscular but I don't really have pain with movement and if I do it's not consistent! I still worry about it being heart disease EVERY time I feel a pain! The pains are every day but they are sporadic, not constant. And I do have pain when I press on my sternum!! Have you had jaw/teeth pain with this?

    I found a combination Vitamin with Magnesium, calcium and vitamin d that I'm going to try. It's all just so frustrating and scary!

  • I have had pain everywhere! Not as strong in my jaw as in other parts of my body but still. Teeth pain would also link to a vitamin d deficiency given that vitamin d is needed to keep healthy teeth! I hope your vitamin helps you! 🙂 x

  • That's amazing I have been told to take it for arthritis but I never knew it was good for anxiety I've been very lapse with taking it so I will definitely re start today

    Will be so interesting to see what happens at your next check up

    I hope you are feeling better with all your unpleasant symptoms I also find magnesium very good

    All the very best 😀

  • That's lovely of you - Thank you very much! x

  • I take one capsule of cod liver oil before bed. I have been doing this for over a year now. I don't have vitamin D deficiency but started doing this as a precaution as I start to get older. Vitamin B is also worth checking as lack of it can exacerbate feelings of depression and anxiety.

  • I didn't know that! Thank you very much x

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