Brain tumor or just health anxiety??

does anyone else get a headache in the in the same part of their head almost everytime you have a headache?? I've been a mess lately and the past few days, I've been getting pain and a burning sensation on the left side of my head. Sometimes it's dull pain and sometimes it's intense. Sometimes I feel like it affects my left eye as well. I'm really nervous that I have a brain tumor.


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  • Hi Clw1216, I use to get that when I was getting frequent migraines. The pain was always in the same spot and did affect my eye as well. Should be checked out by the doctor in any event. x

  • Hi Agora, haven't been on this site for a bit as I seem to have been coping better. But here I am again with raging panic attacks and looking fir some reassurance. Hope you are doing ok too.

  • Hi Alice61, it has been a while since I saw you on the forum. That had to be a good sign.... I'm sorry it has come back in a rage. Has anything changed to prompt the anxiety from building up again? Once we've been caught up in anxiety, our minds are pretty fragile as to how much stress we can take. I hope you use the forum for the support and understanding you need now. Remember we are here for each other and that WE CARE.... x

  • Thanx for that Agora. I was away from home for a few days holiday and that's when it happened. I was doing so well and had started a new job too. Its just good to come on here and chat and get reassurance from people who understand. How are you coping this weather Agora?

  • Hi Clw1216,

    I'm so sorry for all you are going through--it's an awful lot. With all the stress, I have to agree with Agora1 that it sounds like you are experiencing migraines. For me they are often over on eye--I've had them for so many years, it has changed which near which eye they appear at times.

    This is my suggestion while you are waiting to see your doctor--place an ice pack, even a frozen bag of vegetables works, on the back of your neck, right where it meets your skull. Leave the ice there for about 20 minutes--that should help. If you can do this in a dark room, it helps. The other thing that helps me is caffeine. Now it did not help when I was ingesting a moderate amount of caffeine a day but after I cut back, caffeine really seems to help. I will caution you, if you decrease caffeine in your daily diet, do it slowly--if done fast, it causes one of the worst headaches I've ever had!!

    I hope the ice pack trick helps--it's amazing how much it helps me.

    Take care and be kind to yourself!!


  • I cut caffeine out a while ago because it increases my anxiety. I will try the ice thing though. Thank you😊

  • Terrific--on both accounts!! Give the ice pack a try and don't hesitate to drink some tea, coffee or other (even eating some dark chocolate). I usually have some black tea--I hope it helps. Migraines can be quite debilitating so try treating the as fast as you can. There are lots of medications out now, but did not exist for more than 1/2 the time I've had them. There is also some over the counter medications that contain aspirin/tylenol/caffeine that I keep with me at all times.

    Let me know what works!!


  • Hi Clw1216, I don't drink anything with caffeine in it including coffee or sodas. But when I was getting frequent migraines, I was on Xanax for my anxiety. My doctor suggested I take 2 Advil/Motrin, a Xanax and a real cup of coffee. It worked every time. The Xanax took care of the symptoms I would have gotten from the caffeine. That was the only time I drank real coffee so like anything else if used sparingly it tends to work. Of course with the horrific migraines, I would strap an ice pak around the back of my head. I did it so often that my 2y.o. thought that all mommys walked around like that. Hope the ice helps you. The thing to remember is not to overdo with any pain meds or you will get rebound headaches. I wish you well Clw. x

  • Sonds like you should go to the ER and have a CT scan to get it checked im praying for you

  • Ugh scaring me😰 I went to the er the other day and they told me they couldn't do any of those tests and I'll have to wait to see my pcp

  • When I cut out caffeine it gave me headaches for a while but they go its normal

    I get migraines they are one side and over my eye

    Don't think of brain tumours its highly unlikely and from knowing someone who had one you would be getting more symptoms than a headache

    I do hope you start to feel better very soon

    Take lots of good care of yourself x

  • What other symptoms would I be getting? Cuz I have other symptoms as well

  • Clw, you really need to see your pcp or a neurologist to properly diagnose your headaches. Worry about it only makes the pain worse and more frequent.

  • Well our friend started to forget things and get very confused He just changed personality completely they thought ihe had had a stroke He wouldn't have been able to type on here

    I'm no expert of course I'm not but you went to ER they wouldn't have turned you away if there was the slightest chance you had one

    Please I hope you will stop worrying You take good care anxiety plays rotten tricks on us xx

  • I have the same worry and can't not shake it off it's horrible most days I think about it i can go two weeks with no headaches then get a monster one that lasts for days :(

  • My colleague had a tumour and it affected her legs. You could see your optician sometimes they can see pressure behind the eye.

  • I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago. He didn't see anything wrong but I feel like one has grown. Idk I'm just so scared because I have so many symptoms

  • Can't you get a ct scan

  • Not for atleast another week when I can see my pcp. The er won't do it

  • Apart from headaches which are very common what other symptoms have you got

  • Nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, constant head fog and derealization, muscle twitches, confusion, bad memory, my vision is messed up and I can't focus my eyes, and I haven't been able to eat or sleep at all. And I have an area on my head that when I push down, it hurts real bad. Not to mention horrible fatigue and no energy.

  • I presume you are not from the UK

  • No. US

  • I had headaches but it was stress and sensitisation

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