Please please reassurance

Hi I worked last night which involves a sleep over . It's a disability residential house . I woke this morning ok at 6 am but as morning went on I was really light headed and off balance . I finished at 9.30 and spent over half hour on phone with a staff member then the CEO as a few issues going on . I'm team leader of house . So I then decided to do some poisioning of weeds around the garden then all off a sudden I felt real staggery and urge to use my bowels , came inside to check my bp it was 189/104 😳 . Is this a panic attack as my heart didn't race ?? Feeling very nauseous . I took a Kalma (xanax) about 20 minutes it came down to 152/91.


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  • Jodz, it sounds very much like an anxiety attack possibly due to the odor of the weed killer. I know most of us can't handle certain chemical smells. It sets us off. Hope you are doing better now.

  • Agora1 I have used it for years and it's never happened before. So my bp going so high is that normal and why does it make me seem so off balance ?

  • Jodz, it's happen to me when using paints, varnish, gasoline etc. It hits my brain and I get dizzyheaded and then my b/p shoots up. High three digit numbers.

  • So going that high Agora1 is that dangerous ?

  • It is not good if it stays that high. My doctor told me fleeting high pressure readings are a sign of anxiety. Always best to check with your doctor since each of us has a different health history.

  • Agora1 it's right down to 119/71 right now just checked it . So it's spiking but my word it makes me feel sick . Just hope it's not causing damage when it goes up that high

  • Again Jodz, your doctor is the only one that can determine that. Like now your pressure is ideal. It depends how often the b/p spikes that high as to how the doctor would choose to treat it.

  • Been a long time this has happened and I took my bp as i just wasn't right . THANKYOU Agora1 for your chat def helps x

  • I never knew that. I'm going to have to pay closer attention to that.

  • Hello

    My Son does a similar job to you and he never feels great when he has done the sleepover shift

    One thing you did not mention was that you had eaten ?

    This can make you do dizzy and I think help bring on a panic attack

    I know my Son does not get much sleep on this shift and then you were up and having to deal with issues which makes are stress levels go up and this could have contributed with your BP going up , but you did not stop , maybe eat and lie down you went and did some weeding :-o

    I would think putting all that together could have been the reason your BP went up , but it came back down again which is a good sign :-)

    I do suffer with high BP , take medication for it but my Doctor told me that throughout the day and night and depending what you are doing your BP can rise and fall ( this was when she was telling me to stop taking my BP every two minutes and to let them take it instead :-/ )

    Do you have nursing staff on in the home , you could run the question by them if you do and if it would help reassure you

    I am not a Doctor and no one can give medical advise on here as such but I would say if it is a one of then I would not worry if it happens regularly then just let your Doctor check you out but I am sure you will be fine :-)

    I hope you have taken care of yourself today , eaten and had plenty of rest :-)

    You do a fantastic job taking care of people less fortunate and it is demanding and stressful at times , but don't forget to be kind to yourself to :-)

    Take Care x

  • Aww thanx lulu-1 it is a ver demanding job but I love it the clients are so special and are all individuals with many needs . I get so much out of it and lots of laughing with the. I had my piece of toast and 3 cups of tea on the run . I do take bp tablets as well , but this feeling hasn't happened for ages . I took my bp cause I was feeling like it was low but completely the opposite .

    No you def do not sleep properly as you are always kind of listening just in case . But I then had to deal with a staff person and then the CEO so maybe a bit tired and bit stressed about the after situation might of cause what ever I had . It's just terrible . I don't take my bp much at all now , nothing like I used to .

  • O you do sound like you had quite a hectic time , I think my BP would have gone up :-/

    I would see it as a one of but if it happens again let the Doctor take it for you :-) x

  • THANKYOU so much for the chat def helps

  • 152/91 is kinda high...I think you might have high blood pressure, of course Anxiety makes it worse...keep an eye on that and be sure to make an appointment with your Doctor

  • Mzjennyjen it was higher than that but perfect now . Massive spike out of know where . Bit scary but that hasn't happened for a long time . I am on bp tabs and it good .

  • Hi if it'd the portable plug in b.p readers then they aren't always accurate hun and for some reason can read high mine always reads high but when I go to the docs and have it read it's almost normal :-) and all the symptoms you said all seem stress related and from shift work hun believe me I've been there and shift work is now classed as a mental health/sleep disorder. ..Google it......believe me it's the worst job ever coupled with the "demanding environment " of which you work it's very stressful b4 you even wake up of a sleep in! !! I suggest change jobs or take a break .....some holiday .....and re think whats best for you .....I wish I had of years ago and maybe I wdnt be so poorly now :-( kind regards Dawn xxxxx

  • Jonny5-2014 it's like you have read my mind . I did this shift works 3 years ago and was having a few problems , I then went into the office from 9 to 5 , 5 days a week and omg that was stressful . So I'm now back in the houses which has been only 6 weeks and only do one sleep over a week the rest is morning / day work . I def feel like I haven't slept and feel like I'm hung over but worse . I really do love my job , but not the side of team leader as it's very stressful, have been giving it serious thought to step down as my health comes first . But how it just came out of the blue, but then again I did have some warning signs .

    So does you bp spike and how high ?

    Thanx so much for your comment

  • Yeah hun I love working with disabilities bit omg did I suffer -towards the end I was lie in in from my sleep in and the girls wud knock my sleep room door and I wud drop off on shift at random times (which you know is a sack able offence luckily I was never caught-obviously that cud of been at the risk of my client luckily it never was mind) but I felt nauseous, headaches,eye ache,limbs hurt,dizzy,faint,chest pains,constipation then diarrhea, stomache pains,the list goes on hun....but no mine doesn't spike when it's high I'm usually stressed it can go 169/109 I'm on a b.p tablet though but I think you shud go docs as it cud be a warning sign......not nessessary a heart problem don't start panicking but you may have a sleep disorder or diabetes etc believe it or not but I would say just it's your job and environment......and I know how much they put on you as team leader also :-( I haven't finished my profile yet but when I have take a look hun you don't wanna be there in 10 years time xxxxx

  • Been there for 7 years so a few more to go for long service . Yes this morning at the house I felt really sick, very off balance , shaky . Hate it

  • How old are you and are you in UK? Xx

  • I'm old 51 😳 And I live in Australia 🇦🇺

  • Hey 50's is the new 30's your not old I'm 44 and I had my 1st AND LAST AND ONLY child at 42 cus he nearly killed each other :-( but we are both fit and well now and I say fit and well I the loosest terms there for me- he's amazingly healthy and normal:-) but please go get an m.o.t and let me know what they say hun xxxxx

    And which part of Oz are you?xx

  • Rural Victoria , in the country . I was about to post again as since that panic attack this morning I'm feeling really depressed, sad and teary ?? What the hell is going on this NEVER happens . Feeling like shit

  • Wow late baby , but glad your both fine was meant to be x

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