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Hello guys

Just looking for a bit of reassurance as I think everyone round about me is either bored listening to me moan or have other things going on.

The old chest pain is still kicking about, that's me had it every day for the last 4-5 weeks, I know in my rational brain that if something was seriously wrong then I'm sure I'd know by now and I've been to the docs(albeit she's was useless) and she never reported anything wrong, I've read that anxiety causes chest pain but I just can't get my head round why it causes such great pain. I mean I must think I'm about to snuff at least 5 times a day other times it's barable and I just try doing my every day things but I just cannot go on thinking everyday is my last. I have no idea how it's got to this.

I guess everyone is in the same boat but I just needed a little vent and some reassurance I guess xx

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Hi Ashley,

I know how worrying this can be, did your doctor check your heart with a stethascope thingy? if you are still worried, you could go back and ask if she can do further checks.

I found doing some exercise helps in alleviating the symptoms, and takes our mind of of it too. Nothing excessive, maybe brisk walking etc.

try and catch yourself when you have forgotten about the tightness, and see if it comes back only as you focus your attention on it, that could help in deciding if its anxiety driven.

wishing you well



Hi Baylien

I've got another docs appointment next week with a different doctor this time so I'm just gonna go in and hopefully take no prisoners lol.

I've been wanting to do some light jogging but as you know I'm so terrified to get my heart rate up. Aaahhhhh!!!

The pain goes away and I have moments of "oh my!! I feel normal!!" Then back comes the pain. I honest don't know what I'll do if I'm stuck feeling like this :-(



Hi Ashley,

Yes, give the doctor both barrels lol,

I think its all about, challenging our fears, not all at once, but maybe just giving it a go.

Thats why I said about a walk to get you trusting your heart, and that even if the anxiety rises a little if we carry on, it will subside.

Give it a go, just a simple thing to start with and see what happens.

All the best



Hi ash u are really not alone i always have aches and pains I had a headache for 8weeks every day anxiety is a powerful thing. But I'm almost sure u are ok :) but I also no that reassurance don't last very long with anxiety as I've been doctors today about my sore throat which I have had for 3 weeks and guess what it's viral and I accepted this for all of about 3 hours and was on a high becuz i didnt have throat cancer and now I'm sitting her thinking omg maybe she is lying and missed something it's a never ending battle Hun I feel for u and everyone who has this illness xxxxx


Hi Ashley

Yep your not alone as others have said, and well your not moaning either. that's what this space is for, and from what I understand, anxiety can manifest in the body in all kinds of different and crazy ways etc.. but anxiety releases adrenalin too, which can speed the heart rate, that cause us to get more anxious etc etc.. it's easy to get into a loop and at times probably no surprise we physically feel it too..

for peice of mind getting it checked out with a medical doc can really help too on that level, "once we find the right doc".. but always good to get it checked then at least we can hopefully let most of that go..

Looking on the net to self diagnose is probably about the worst thing anyone could do, yet, I expect we already know that, but a lot of us probably do it anyway.. then spook ourselves even more..

Something you could try is just when your laying down, put your hands on your chest/heart etc.. and just slow, not forced, but deep natural breathing.. talk to your heart and tell it everythings ok.. and you trust it..

I find this often calms my body down and many of the sensations, twinges etc dissipate, and in a way over time it's kind of increased the connection I guess to my own body, so I trust it more now to really let me if there was something truly wrong, and well... that I don't need physical sensations all the time etc...I think our heart loves it when we check in with it and talk to it too..


Well said Merlin,

Our sub-conscious believes anything we tell it. So to give it positive affirmations, will believe it, but if we give it negative ones, it will believe that to.

I hope this works for you Ashley.

Eunice x


Hi ashely im pretty sure its anxiety related. I do get chest pains and fast heart to down to my anxiety and feeling of not been able to breath feels like im on my last breath . I was scared to have cola or coffee at some point incase it increased my heart rate. I try not to think about it as it brings it on or increases my anxiety sympthoms prelongs them. For the past 2 months ive been building up walking to jogging and im now jogging 3 miles every other day im taking part in race for life. And its helped with my anxiety its died down and less aware of my anxiety sympthoms. Feel normal again more often x


Thanks for all the comments guys, I'm defo going to take on board everything you have said.

I walk everywhere as I gave my car up last year and I've been trying to turn it into brisk walking to try and burn off the adrenaline. I know that I have to learn to trust my body again, hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.



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