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I have been getting bullied at work and am currently signed off. Yesterday personnel rang me and said they needed an urgent meeting. The came to my house, 25 minutes late and said they have on offer to put on the table but that the meeting and the offer had a confidentiality clause to them. The offer was £13000 but have to let them tell everyone I have resigned and that official paperwork will say that too. They also said if accept the offer it is then not legal for me to pursue them over my bullying allegation.

Any thoughts/ any experiences of a similar thing? X

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Hi hunni,

Well you've obviously got them bang to rights or they wouldn't of put that offer to you.

Personally I would decline the offer. Be strong and stand up to these bullies and their tactics.

They shouldn't get away with it Hun, they know that they haven't a leg to stand on if you carry on:)

Right behind you hunni, good luck. :) xxx


Hi hunni don't accept there offer take legal advice. Don't let them get away with it. Take care xxx


hey, i'm sorry you're getting bullied at work, i know how rubbish that is!

They sound like they're desperate if they're coming to your house to make the offer. How long have you worked there? Are you in a union or anything?

I think you should seek legal advice about the situation you are currently in and then get back to them (i think you should decline and then use their offer to further strengthen your case!)

Also, I think you should keep as much as you can documented. eg when you get back to them, send them an email rather than a phonecall etc.

Good luck, i know it's not easy but i think you have to fight this one x


hi anxiety, obviously they know they are in the wrong, they have not got a leg to stand on, if you took them to a tribunal, you could get a lot more, have you got a solicitor?, but it all depends what you want to do, would you want to work there again etc, would you still get bullied? good luck in whatever you do. love jasper xx


I dunno what to do. My instincts telling me to fight this. Just have to gather the strength to do it. X


Oh hunni,

Really know what your going through, hang on in there , you can do this:)

We are all here for you:) xx


Hi don't sign anything, get legal advice. You don't have to accept

This kind of blackmail.



My opinion is they know they have done something terribly wrong to be offering you this money so I would therefore decline the offer & persue with taking my concerns / case to a employment tribunal.

Its ultimately your choice to make but I would stand my ground & let them know I won't be giving up so easily.



Hi Sweetie,

Hang fire and get advice either from a solicitor or your Union rep.

I know how hard it is to find the strength to pursue these things but please don't be pressured into making a quick decision.

Take care of yourself.




I would Telephone your local CItizens Advice Bureaux and make an appointment with someone who understands employment law. I would do this and take some advice before deciding what to do.

I presume they told you how they have come to the amount of money they have offered you, or have they just plucked a figure from the air.

It must feel awful for you to have this hanging over you, I reckon citizens advice would help you make your decision.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.



Hi im alex and new to this forum. But sounds to me lik they have someyhing go hide and cover up. They obviously know ypu havr a good case against them and want to buy you off. I woild seek some legal advice. Xx



I agree with what everyone has already said , but wanted to let you know I had read your post

Let us know what you decide & which ever you do you can come on here & even if we don't have the answers you know we are good at listening & we care :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend :-)





Thanks whywhy. Still haven't decided. Seeing employment solicitor Monday. X


Good luck with that Hun.


you could ask UCAS.


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