Some reassurance please

Since my last massive panic attack a week and a half ago I have been having a panic attack every second day . I'm fine then bang I feel so so strange in the head and then all the other symptoms flow in . What I'm wanting to know is why do I feel so weird in the head ?? Just can't focus , spacey , feels like I'm talking strange , and I'm actually pulling at my hair that hard as I'm feel like I'm loosing it . Why is this all of a sudden happening . Just can't continue with this happening , I'm at my whits end 😔😔😔

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  • Could it be time of the month? If your female? I feel totally spaced out and strange when on ☹️️

  • Nope finished 2 years ago

  • You are not alone trust me,

    we're all here because we have the same exact problems.

    I know how you feel because it happens to me, I could literally just be chilling on my computer and boom a wave of panic rushes over me, like my brain is so used to anxiety that if I'm not freaking out then something must be wrong 😭

    So I know how it feels to have periods of positivity and "normal" day to day activity then boom anxiousness and panic,

    You just have to remember to acknowledge it for what it is "anxiety" "panic attack" once you do that you can tell yourself that it's going to go away.

  • It's just seems to be getting worse and I just can't cope 😞😞

  • Same but just know overtime you WILL get better just remember that it's just anxiety, tell yourself you'll be fine

  • I do every day but sometimes well most of the time doesn't work . Thankyou for reassuring me that I have to keep saying that

  • I do that all the time but my mind is so controlling and it's just so hard to switch of and I try everything . I can honestly say I have one whole day once a week that is good .

  • Hi Jodz, For whatever reason you had that massive panic attack a week and a half ago is now feeding into your panic attack every second day. You are slowly developing a pattern that has been set in your mind thought. Try not to focus on expecting it to happen every other day. Somehow you have to break that cycle of negative thought. Make sure you hydrate (very important in getting rid of that head feeling). Take time each day to spend in quiet moments with your mind. I use YouTube, type in Audio Relaxation/Deep Breathing. I spend 10min every afternoon to quiet both my mind and body even if you don't feel anxious. It is accumulative when done every day and will help making you feel better. Should that feeling break through, go back to YouTube and listen again. Learning to accept that this feeling is not harmful will also help. Calm and Relax, breathe deeply!

  • Agora1 you always have calming words thankyou so much . It's been a real struggle , my daily anxiety has been through the roof everyday then those bloody panic attacks . I will def get onto u tube and check that out . My unsteadiness due to been lightheaded has been just terrible , so feels like I'm going to pass out all the time , the floor is constantly moving . I just need to get over this massive mountain without taking the mess that was prescribed for me . Thanx again xx

  • Claire Weekes Hope and help for you nerves explains how sensitisation works, becoming essentially afraid of the fear - and ways of breaking the cycle. Did you try the sertraline? That can definitely increase the panic attacks in the short term but then it settles down.

  • Hi , no haven't started Sertra , not game to .

  • Was just asking in case the sertraline was what made your panic attacks worse. Hope you are feeling better.

  • Katlinma78 no im still feeling dreadful . Over it

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