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I have been battling anxiety and depression for 4 years. I take 3mg klonopin and 50 mg of pristiq. I am so much worse it's unbelievable. The medicine probably isn't working anymore. I'm so afraid of the anxiety I cry all day long. I'm barely functioning. What should I do I can't take it anymore. Help me my husband wants to leave. The kids and husband always yelling at me. My husband says if the don't get off the drugs our marriage is over but I can't stop the drugs.

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I am so sorry you seem to be going through a really rough time and the way your husband is reacting towards you is not going to help

I think you need to go back to the Doctors and tell them that the medication you are taking at the moment is not working , I would be totally honest and also tell them what your husband and kids are saying to you as well as this will be playing a big part in your anxiety increasing so they need to know exactly what is happening so they best know the right treatment to give you

There is also Counselling , ask to be referred for some as I really think it would benefit you , even if you have had some before and it has not worked as well as you thought it should try again as second , third time round if needed can work !

Keep coming and talking to others in the Community who know exactly how this feels and you will not feel so alone which helps even in a small way :-)

Take a day at a time and with the right support things will improve :-)

Take Care x

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You listen here your husband is being extremely selfish hunny you are sick very sick by the sounds of it. I've battled severe anxiety for the better part of 30 years and I've only recently learned to control it and yes meds are a huge part of recovery and likely will be something you will need to take forever. My god you are barely taking anything and does your husband know that most people with this horrible ailment abuse narcotics and are severe drug adddicts because they cannot cope. The medication that saved my life is Quetiapine and I have tried them all. Also reading a lot to understand my disease and ways to change the way I think and process my life. Honestly you need to make yourself the number one priority here in order to get better and your husband putting the added stress of leaving you is only adding to your anxious state. Don't be scared my love face the fear and make the decision every second to rule your life DONT LET THE MONSTER WIN. You need to get better at your own pace and the best piece of advice I can give you is to eliminate anyone who brings negative energy into your life that is the last thing you need and it will only make you worse. I too am married 17 years and 5 children so I can tell you that it won't work without the support of your husband. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything I can say that I am now virtually anxiety free and I would be pleased to help you in anyway possible. Much love and a very big hug hunny cuz i bet you need one terribly.

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Thank you so much. I'm beside myself. A big part of the problem beside my family is that I'm afraid of the anxiety which makes it worse. Do you still take meds?


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