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Does anyone else always feel worse in the mornings?


I always wake up anxious but unless I have a major health anxiety underway (which is quite often), by the time I'm washed, dressed and ready for the day the anxiety has subsided.

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Hi i always wake up anxious its my worst time and that's what sets me off for the day hate it

Hi Me to it's seems to start as soon as i wake up .. so i take my pills before i get up helps me better to relax ...

I'm the same - think it's something to do with levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the morning, must look it up again...

I am a volunteer for AUK and I often find a majority of people find that their anxiety is much worse in the morning, some believe it's because they get anxious about the possibility of feeling anxious that day. A good way to get around this would be to examine your morning routine.

- Try regulating your sleeping pattern - irregular sleeping patterns can produce an array of physiological and psychological deficits such as poor concentration or headaches that can maek you more anxious.

- Check your routine - If you wake to an alarm clock perhaps it's too alarming and you may be better waking to a soothing alarm clock, for e.g. you can get alarm clocks that play water sounds that gradually get louder to help you wake. If you find that you are rushing when you get up try getting up earlier to give you time or prepare the night before.

- Relaxtion exercises - try doing a small activity that helps you to become calm e.g. deep breathing or recording your feelings in a diary to see if you can find a pattern that you may be able to adapt.

- Use positive thoughts as best you can to start replacing the one when you wake up. You may be forming an association between waking up and feeling anxious try replacing these thoughts to form new associations.

- Diet is always an important factor - certain food and drink have been associatied with anxiety e.g. caffine, alcohol, nicotine. Try eating more protein based foods or complex carbohydrates such as pasta to give slow energy release rather than quick bursts such as sugar. You blood sugar becomes low during the nights; therefore it may be a good idea to have a snack before you go to bed or have one ready in the morning for when you wake up.

- Talking to the doctor (or therapist if you have one) is good way to try and identify ways in which to change sleeping patterns to make you feel more positive in the morning.

I hope this has been of some help to you and best wishes with your anxiety


hiya, i find my anxiety is worse in the morn i wake up think whats in store thats when the panic,fear kick in i start to feel really sick im also anxious and on edge all day drives me mad x


I feel terrible in the mornings and i really have to psyche myself up to get out of bed!

i too fell bad in the morning but better by the evening

For me its worst between getting up & about 3pm. After that it subsides. A doctor told me that its linked with levels of cortisol in the body which goes down later in the day. The advice from Hannah sounds excellent.

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