Can feeling run down make your anxity worse?

Hello everybody

Today I went and had a test done on my heart to see wht the reason was for me getting lightheaded/dizzy and was told all was fine with my heart which was a huge plus but then got told I have low blood pressure :( so came out feeling happy that all was ok however not long after I got home I had a terrible migrane then I had a panic attack overit shakes feeling like I'm going mad it just seems I get abit of good news then it all goes bad again :( don't think it helps that's I'm having trouble with my ears going to get them looked at tomorrow so fingers crossed they will get sorted



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  • Hi Jess

    Are you new on Anxiety Support ?

    We had a member asking similar questions called jess H25 but now seems to have deleted her account

    Keep talking on here things do get better




  • Good evening Jessica, you have returned.

    Following on from your post yesterday, are you a long lost relation?

    I have suffered with migraines. Also diagnosed with low blood pressure, in fact one of my results was so dramatic a lab tech took it to prove how quickly someone can faint! This problem also shows up in my families medical records from WW1.

    No problems with ears though, apart from being told I never listen, bet you can't guess who by?



  • Hi sorry it's the same person just changed my name :) xx

  • Honestly, who would have guessed?

    Was it in search of fame?


  • Yes I think being run down makes anxiety worse.

    I am convinced that when I have belly troubles my anxiety is worse but it is a bit of a cycle as anxiety makes my belly troubles worse...probably the same cycle for being run down, run down = more anxiety, more anxiety = feeling run down...rather annoying really :(

    sam xx

  • Hi yes I find this happens too, anxiety is through the roof at the mo,my tummy still not right either

  • I think if we are tired or rundown it doesn't help the anxiety at all. Being anxious is very tiring, being unwell on top of that lowers your strength. so yes, I think we feel worse at times. Julie xx

  • Being run down can certainly make your anxiety worse, it can also bring on new anxiety. I have noticed for me that if my sleep is altered in anyway; if I wake up earlier than usual, take a nap or go to sleep later than usual that my anxiety is clearly enhanced. Anxiety in general makes people tired and fatigued, so when you add being run down either physically or emotionally or both anxiety is much worse and harder to stabilize.

  • Hi Pamela & Welcome

    I have noticed you are a newcomer & thought it would be nice to say hello !

    Its lovely to see yours replies , unfortunately Jessica seems to have deleted her membership on here

    If you see any profiles that are grey'd out that means they are no longer a member & we always hope it's because they no longer need support & doing well :-)

    Hope that helps a little , you will soon pick it up as you go along :-)




  • Hello whywhy,

    Thank you and I hope so as well.

  • That's interesting, I've noticed that too. My most recent anxious time came after a couple of months working hard, without much sleep, and at a job that wasn't very interesting. As it came to an end I thought I was going to have a nice break, but instead I ended up with several weeks of anxiety first. :(

  • Hello what trouble are you having with your ears? if you don't mind me asking so am I x

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